OLYMPICS Imposter in Among Us

OLYMPICS Imposter in Among Us

We add a SUPER Olympics Imposter in Among Us

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24 Responses

  1. Finlay Chantry says:

    Sigils: Biffle is in my top 11 best friends!

  2. Definitely Normal says:

    Lookups was cleared a jevelin was thorn on the person with him, and ean was there. It makes me sad he can be 200 iq and have short term mermory loss

  3. DrDURRR says:

    Whenever someone is killed with the javelin, doesn’t it look like something out of predator?

  4. Keegan M says:

    Here me out among us but the map is backward and there’s 5 different roles

  5. a funny youtube channel says:

    lol I like how ssundee’s face is when he is the imposter it never gets old

  6. maria valle says:

    I Bet my entire life savingsSSundee can’t even do 1 push up

  7. Lara Hot Vlogs says:

    I love this and just started watching

  8. Lara Hot Vlogs says:

    Always a great day when there is another good among us mod

  9. Lara Hot Vlogs says:

    I never miss when he says Dudes lol 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Lara Hot Vlogs says:

    This guy is just a next level goat and a actual comedian he makes me laugh in every vid, well done man keep going

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