OMG! Cockroach Giving Birth While Being Devoured By Fire Ants

OMG! Cockroach Giving Birth While Being Devoured By Fire Ants

OMG! After giving my fire ant colony an additional ant farm, I fed some live cockroaches. What happens in this video may shock you! Visit us at

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20 Responses

  1. desert man says:

    its nature we humans eat chickens cows sheep pigs and we don’t complain
    about it but when we see a cockroach you go all crazy? so what if they were
    babies baby chickens and fish are eaten all around the world does anybody

  2. melike sparrow says:

    i’m on the wrong side of youtube again, aren’t i.

  3. Anthony Cheng says:

    Why are there so many dislikes? Did Roach Lives Matter find this?

  4. Jose Garcia says:

    Anyone cry, in behalf of the roach, or roach-babys?

  5. Dont mess with my Messias says:

    you are heartless…

  6. AceGecko says:

    If anyone needs me I’ll be sitting in the corner of my bedroom crying.

  7. ChloricPower48 says:

    Uploaded the same day as H2O delirious uploaded “Cockroach simulator”

  8. ApparentPants2 Buchanan says:

    Birth happened at 10:43… You are very welcome

  9. TheCutePyro _ says:

    Why the fuck is this in my recommended?

  10. Adler Drahms says:

    When the second roach got taken down I said out loud “get rekt scrub”

  11. Gangster fish says:

    i think this is a north korea milatry video

  12. Yeezy says:

    why’d this come in my recommended list?

  13. Cd5ssmffan says:

    2:24 stick your dick inside

  14. Nicole Brice says:

    ok so she gave birth but wat was that other thing …she was trying
    to…? this is weird to say….ok wat was that other thing she was
    trying to get out of there, u know.?

    I’m sorry but I don’t know if she was giving birth twice or once ?

  15. Gaming Heart (Channel.) says:

    *LOL* so guys just click to watch this YouTube video here ►

    *and thank me later on*

  16. Eddie C. says:

    Why do you feel bad for the roaches? They’re disgusting and ugly pests fuck

  17. David Papato says:

    i’ve always wanted an ant colony, this is awesome!

  18. Justin Hackstadt says:

    They were freaking cockroaches! You act like you put a kitten in there.

  19. Zilla says:

    Time to get my spaceship again.


    In your next life you will for sure be a cockroach.