On “Last Week Tonight” John Oliver Destroy Donald Trump on Sexual Assault Remarks | October 10, 2016

On “Last Week Tonight” John Oliver Destroy Donald Trump on Sexual Assault Remarks | October 10, 2016

On “Last Week Tonight” John Oliver Destroy Donald Trump on Sexual Assault Remarks | October 10, 2016

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20 Responses

  1. YF Zhang says:

    I love the “as (commonly) known as” bit.

  2. Mark Michon says:

    I’d like to point out via Wikileaks we’ve learned the Clinton Campaign
    actively communicates with this show. He is another controlled puppet.

  3. pinky indastinky says:

    We all know John Oliver works for the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. He
    couldnt be more cucked.

  4. joseph baska says:

    Trump may have made an off-color joke however hill and Billy Clinton have a
    habit of being pedophiles and rapist therefore they are much worse than
    trump will ever before telling an off-color joke

  5. Estel • says:

    Trump said, in half-joking amazement, that because he is rich and famous
    certain women (groupies) *LET* him make sexual advances on them. Yes, the
    whole clip put him in a very bad light, but he was not endorsing assault.
    And John Oliver, you absolute dunce, quit being purposely obtuse and
    biased. That Trump tweet was clearly a joke. Did you read Billy Bush’s
    apology? You’re lying about Hillary. She *did* say she wants open borders.
    And are you kidding me with what Paul Ryan said? Your response was so
    contrived, trying to twist what he meant, to appeal to ridiculous
    feminists. Get off the TV screen, you leftist hack.

  6. joseph baska says:

    what are you a doctor of stupidity see I have the ability to think which
    you obviously do not good on you good on you

  7. Robert Capaldi says:

    go back to your country u little pimple on my DICK U SHOULD STICK A DICK IN

  8. paul harrison says:

    I hear all the Trump bashing but looking at Hillary’s record it looks a
    little worse so what do I do

  9. Sete DiSangue says:

    Aw c’mon you know that’s not how Paul Ryan meant it. Revered was some poor
    choice of words but I’ve always liked the guy. At least he’s pointing out
    the issues with Trump which most republicans are too afraid to do.

  10. Dale Gribble says:

    remember that time obama showed off his erect dick to a bunch of women,
    which is very serious sexual harassment?

  11. Fernando Bravo says:

    John Oliver = sorry ass excuse for a Britton. From his accent, I presume he
    is English. I love and respect the English, but not idiots like Oliver.

  12. Ane Banane says:


  13. WhiteSupremacistFrogMemes says:

    Oh boy its le current year maymay man

  14. futebolcapixabatv says:

    jew owned media are all for Hillary. this say a lot about her

  15. londonacid1 says:

    can’t wait for the trump presidency. Free puss for everyone.

  16. rrivero27 says:

    WOW! Its funny how his giving shit to trump about talking shit & completely
    IGNORES Bill Clintons shit ACTIONS! Whats worse SAYING something or DOING

  17. shadowx089 says:

    I like how the quality of the video makes it looks like it was made in

  18. Numb Diggers says:

    Why is this in my recombinations?!?!? Just for that, I’m voting trump.

  19. Erik van der spuy says: