On Lives and Mattering

On Lives and Mattering

Race and Racism Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMs_JcuNozJb-5TJ3uuvqPzQVjO_XarED

It is very easy to discount the experiences of other people, especially when our experiences are very different and our relationships with them may already be strained by prejudice. And yes, people on all sides are casting out in anger because we want someone or something to blame for recent tragedies. But this is not a simple issue, it will never be simple. But there are very clear data showing that the criminal justice system values Black Americans differently than the average American. And that is a problem that must be confronted.

Thank you to Ashley Ford, Ahsante Bean, and Nathan Zed for looking over this script for me.


Black people are 2.5xmore likely to be killed by police. And unarmed black people 6x times more likely to be killed by police than unarmed white people:
(in the incessant debate, claims that if you look into the data you see a very different story invariably cherry pick data.)

Black people more likely to get plea deals with prison sentences:

A more granular study shows that Black people and Hispanics are more likely to have officers use force on them even when they are complying with law enforcement:

This study also found no difference in the use of lethal force, in the communities studied.

Black people face longer sentences for the same crimes in the same situations even when accounting for multiple violations, whether they had a public defender, their economic status, and whether they’re on parole:

Police have difficult jobs and that some of the communities they are tasked with protecting are very dangerous. Many officers do not want to work in those communities, so it is difficult to find police officers to do that work. It is stressful work.

The fact that there is racial bias in the criminal justice system is not a condemnation of police. Police need to be obeyed and supported because laws are want make our society function. But there is racial bias and it should be admitted, confronted, and we should do our best to deal with it. Because our society has a belief that black lives matter less…which is why we stand and say Black Lives Matter.

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20 Responses

  1. Shane McCann says:

    where are you getting your ‘facts’? the real statistics show that white
    people, despite having LESS confrontations with cops as black people, are
    shot more often by percentage. the very system you are supporting doesnt
    even want you! blm shames white people for joining the. blm is the
    equivilent of the kkk of heroine, they are a domestic terrorist group. so,
    i just ask you all to listen. thank you.

  2. Adam Izzo says:

    I’m listening.
    We tend to as a person don’t care about listening, because of the list of
    issues each person of each color carries, even though we’re all brothers
    We give ourselves more problems , than problems we solve as a segregated or
    unsegregated group,, even more so ironic.

  3. mossy1 says:

    After extensive research I’ve found that both sides are largely wrong and
    seeing things far too simplistic. Blacks are not inherently violent,
    however their culture that has grown out of poverty largely is. Black
    culture often glorifies violence and crime and is extremely disrespectful
    to women. Generations of black youth have grown up respecting this crap and
    its one reason why black on black crime is such a huge problem and why
    blacks carry such a disproportionately huge violent crime rate. They make
    up only 13% of the population but commit over 50% of the violent crime.
    Males in general make up the vast majority of crime compared to women..
    should we therefore just accept that men are being discriminated against?
    No, we don’t do that. So why the double standard with race? Because
    exceptions are made to fit a narrative.
    Are we really to believe that this vast disparity of black violent crime is
    due to cops just ignoring white violent crime and picking on blacks?
    Where’s the evidence of this?? Tell me.. how do you fake the high homicide
    rate? Nobody is sweeping dead white people under the rug or something..
    there just isn’t as high of a rate. Is it really because of some racist
    systemic oppression? or is it a socioeconomic problem where more crime
    happens in impoverished neighborhoods- where blacks happen to be more
    prevalent due to poverty being passed on by parents, poor education, and
    “thug life” culture, and yes because of the residual effects of PAST
    segregation/redlining. If you care about black lives you will avoid and
    admonish those who act like the misogynistic, violent, criminal, gangsta,
    thug life is cool and support the parts of black culture that aren’t so
    toxic. If you don’t want blacks to be seen as thugs then why would you wear
    “thug life” as a badge of honor?

  4. Morgan Howell says:

    Hank this video has really impacted me, this is such a wonderful message
    thank you so much for putting a voice to something I and countless others
    have probably been thinking.

  5. SilentBudgie says:

    In other democratic countries, when a police officer kills a civilian who
    didn’t pose any danger, the officer is charged with murder. Why doesn’t
    America just do that? Police won’t murder black people if it means spending
    the rest of their life in jail.

  6. theDevilsGreed says:

    todos deben jugar pokemon go

  7. Aleks san says:

    black lives don’t matter to BlackLivesMatter

  8. Robert Breen says:

    When people say “Save the Whales” nobody shouts “what about pandas?” When
    people say “Let’s fight to end HIV” nobody says “what about cancer?” In
    those situations everyone understands that focussing on one issue doesn’t
    negate the importance of other issues. But when people say “Black Lives
    Matter” all of a sudden it’s seen as exclusionary and divisive. Why is

  9. meep says:

    this is such a necessary conversation black lives matter, no they don’t
    matter more, but they matter, and if you see a problem in that that is on
    YOU. RIP Alton and philandro

  10. Ethan Sanchez says:

    This is one of the first times I’ve ever seen a white man talk about BLM
    like this and it made me want to cry. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  11. ImpassionedPlatypi says:

    Hank, just want to let you know you used the phrase “average americans” to
    basically mean “white people” in this video and…that seems wrong.

  12. TheBillybobsrjr says:

    virtue signaling throw logic out the video and say some things that will
    automatically make morons like you.

  13. sabah pirani says:

    I just want to take a moment to commend vlogbrothers for gathering the
    courage to speak out about controversial issues. It’s not the “safe” thing
    to do per se but you guys introduce nuance to these topics where it is
    sorely needed and the fact that you leverage your positions this way is
    commendable and the reason I respect you Guys regardless of if I agree with
    you guys or not.

  14. Len Arends says:

    There are 1,000 deaths by cop per year (let’s stack the deck and make those
    all men) out of a US population of 160 million.
    The naive calculation of risk of death by cop for American men would be
    therefore 6 per million per year.
    A quarter of the deaths were black, out of 19.2 million.
    The naive risk of death by cop for black American men would be 13 per
    Twice the average risk! … but wait …
    Broadly half of all violent crime in the US is committed by black suspects
    — four times greater than the portion of the population that is black. So
    if we expect police to meet force with force, then the rate of deadly
    interactions should be four times the average … 24 per million. So are
    the police actually showing restraint? or …
    Maybe “four times as violent” doesn’t mean four times as many suspects …
    perhaps something more like two times as many suspects who on average
    commit twice as many violent acts compared to suspects of all races. Then,
    we would expect a police kill rate of 12 per million, close to the actual
    Only if we assume the black population is uniquely plagued with
    superpredators (more than twice as violent as the average criminal) can we
    reach the conclusion that police are careless with black lives. And if
    that’s the case, does the fact that the black community has so many
    uber-violent offenders go some way toward explaining a different attitude
    when engaging with black men?
    For some perspective, how perilous is the policing profession?
    150 deaths per year among 800,000 sworn officers … 188 per million.
    Yes, a law enforcement career is a choice, as opposed to the intrinsic
    nature of one’s race, but this should provide some insight into the anxiety
    police officers feel on the job … a job that a civil society must provide.
    We treat policing as a blue collar profession when it should be an elite
    service … but that would be super expensive to staff adequately.
    Instead, you get the people who are either noble enough, desperate enough,
    dumb enough, or unbalanced enough to put their lives on the line daily for
    a middle-class income. Then the inevitable tragedies get blown up into
    national news events completely out of proportion with their frequency.
    Each viral video should be treated as a data point, not an archetype. Mass
    media makes the uncommon seem common. It was already bad in the era of
    three television networks … now, with 24/7 handheld camera footage, it’s
    completely derailed the risk-assessment centers of our brains as we let
    confirmation bias overwhelm us.
    This will only be worth it if it convinces people to pay higher taxes for
    government services in keeping with our needs.

  15. Fitu Perry says:

    It’s just life

  16. . says:

    fucking tired of annoying you tubers talking about stupid shit.

  17. popcorn pretzel says:

    If you agree with Hank, just like this comment and leave. Look at the
    like/dislike ratio on the video. The only ones commenting are the ones who
    think he’s wrong.

  18. chris xanjes says:

    Thank you Hank

  19. Joshua Allen says:

    I fucking love u

  20. John Lemus says:

    Black Lives Matter, by the very definition of the word, is nothing but a
    terrorist organization. ter·ror·ism ˈterəˌrizəm noun the use of violence
    and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. They are an organization
    that takes common criminals and tries to make martyrs of them. But they did
    not die for a cause, so by the very definition of the word, they can’t be.
    mar·tyr ˈmärdər/ noun 1. a person who is killed because of their religious
    or other beliefs. What did these people believe in? They also seem to think
    they are fighting some kind of civil war against white people. I find it
    funny how history repeats its self.

    Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent,
    a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that
    all men are created equal.

    Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or
    any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a
    great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that
    field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that
    that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should
    do this.

    How many more people have to die because of this blind, misguided hatred
    and how many memorials have to be built in memory of them?