On My Block: Season 2 | Clip: Cold Opening [HD] | Netflix

On My Block: Season 2 | Clip: Cold Opening [HD] | Netflix

Time to cash in. Season two of On My Block launches March 29.

Watch On My Block on Netflix:

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On My Block: Season 2 | Clip: Cold Opening [HD] | Netflix

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62 Responses

  1. Netflix says:

    So I know this isn’t the trailer you’ve all been asking for but…. I feeeeeeel like this should also make you happy.

  2. Jossie Lynn says:

    I figured it out. They are all getting ready to go to Olivia’s funeral and that’s why ruby is in a tux. He’s just in his room sleeping. BAM!

    • Melissa Gomar says:

      +Jossie Lynn he was in one when he got shot

    • Jossie Lynn says:

      Melissa Gomar they’re not the same tux go look at pictures, and this one looks clean, the one he got shot in had blood all over the colar.

    • Melissa Gomar says:

      +Jossie Lynn yea that’s true idk tbh

    • SVG 8 says:

      Or maybe he is in the hospital cause remember he was shot and he was wearing a Tux

    • Jossie Lynn says:

      SVG 8 that’s not the same tux as the one he was wearing at the party though, and he would be in a gown if he were in the hospital. He’s in his room asleep and everyone is getting ready to go to the funeral that’s why the grandma was wearing all black and that’s why cesar was wearing a black shirt as well..

  3. Rose Kahn says:

    Oh god this is gonna break my heart. I just know it.

  4. Emma O' Malley says:

    Jason the actor who plays ruby shaved his head so maybe he joined the gang cuz Olivia died

  5. Brianna says:

    After the ending of episode 10 I realize that show is a hood version of Degrassi. It’s very corny and humorous, but shit gets real real quick. I love it. My high school days are long over, but I enjoy this show.

  6. Elysse Nation says:

    At the end of the day Jamal secured the bag PERIOT ??

  7. E.J. Myer-Wallet says:

    This trailer alone was the most heart wrenching yet beautifully done thing that I have ever seen

  8. yo bitch jess says:

    i love how the trailer is all sad then u see jamaal sniffing his money?

  9. Anna Thornsberry says:

    My theory: Olivia’s dead and that’s why we never saw her, but in a picture. The clip of Ruby, although looks like he’s in a coffin, is him dressed for Olivia’s funeral laying in bed.

  10. joc says:

    Netflix UR SUCH A TEASE!!

  11. Deborah Binkita says:

    Thank god my baby Ruby’s okay, and that my other baby Jamal is happy with his money that he worked so hard for. Ugh I can’t wait

  12. JackPlayz44 says:

    3:30 when you about to die but on my block season 2 releases

  13. Cheyenne Costa says:

    I have to wait 22 more dayss because it said march 29 its the 7 but LOVE THIS SHOW IMA WAIT THE SEASON AGAIN BRB IN LIKE A FEW HOURS BUT SEE YA

  14. SilenceGamer says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that my dude Jamal got racks for years ????

  15. Christian H. says:

    Olivia Better Be Dead Instead Of Ruby With That Mf Bad Ass Spanish

  16. Caleb Perkins says:

    Yeah I’m happy bc if Ruby would’ve been dead someone on Netflix hq would’ve caught a bullet

  17. genny benny says:

    olivia is gone and ruby survived
    I’m here for it

  18. Firebender 117 says:

    Yeah the fake Latina is dead ?

  19. Bxndora says:

    At the end when in Ruby’s moms house I think that they were all dressing to go to Ruby see Ruby either in a hospital bed or his funeral but I think Olivia is dead because Jasmine leaves something at the memorial place with pictures of a little girl which could be Olivia

  20. sabrina says:

    yall if Olivia died instead of Ruby, we having a party. my house @ 8

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