on the run

on the run

edited by Jake Mayer https://www.instagram.com/jakeshotfriend/

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  1. 🍜MoldyRamen🍜 says:

    This might sound weird but I honestly enjoy Danny’s second chanel slightly more than his main one something about the laid back feel, interaction with Gregs, inside jokes that you have to watch every subreddit video to understand, and of course the sparkling water just make me feel like I’m apart of something special. these videos always make my day 10x better it’s sad that so many Gregs are missing out on this

  2. Starikova T.V. says:

    я: ну, надо посмотреть как Дэнни читает мемы про себя, отвлечься от новостей.
    Дэнни на 7:15: ДЕНЬ НЕЛАЗЕЖНОСТI УКРАÏНИ !!!

  3. Scrufflelump says:

    My mom is 62 and she got into running a few years ago. She’s done lots of 5ks, 10ks, and a few half marathons so far. She usually gets pretty good times and even came in first place in her age group once or twice. She had special t-shirts made for my dad and I that say “support team” and we’ve been to a lot of her races to cheer her on. Ever since COVID though, I don’t feel comfortable being in large groups of people anymore. I’m glad you and your wife are into races, because most of them help support a lot of really good charities.

  4. Davis Hicks says:

    We’re proud of you Danny! keep chasing
    Your health and physical goals! Don’t hold yourself back, even if your fan base doesn’t always respond the way you’d like! You have control of your life, your free time, and your content! You’re gonna make it brah!

  5. Kim says:

    “Dan” and “Danny” just lost all meaning like 5 minutes into this video 😂😂 I’m having an existential crisis over the word Danny with just how many times it was said 😂

  6. a yellow paper crown says:

    As a runner, I’m low-key upset for you that your achievement was overshadowed by the Daniel thing. Good job on the race I hope you had a blast!

  7. Tuesday Nevins says:

    Never dreamt of Danny before, but Ed Helms is a recurring character in a lot of nightmares for me. What’s weirder is that I’m not even a big fan of The Office- I would have no idea what his name was if it wasn’t for the 20-some times I’ve googled it after dreaming that Ed Helms was trying to kill me.

  8. Bess Little says:

    Danny trying to scare us literally made me laugh out loud.

  9. Megan L says:

    Some of Danny’s audience low key sucks. Undermining his achievements, acting like children because he has a name(?!), not getting very obvious jokes and references, harassing people named Greg, etc etc. You can tell he’s tired of it and he’s just too nice to say anything.

    • moellerchen93 says:

      “acting like children” – From what I got from the subreddit, a lot of his fans ARE children, or at least under 18.

    • Ghostlytime says:

      I must not really look at stuff cause I don’t know what everyone is talking about here.

    • stardxe says:

      @TheEasterEgger because people will be mean to someone because of it

    • TheEasterEgger says:

      Everything is valid, except for the jokes and references thing. How is it toxic or that persons fault if they don’t get a joke or reference? Not everyone knows every joke or reference they come across, even if it’s obvious.

    • the only caprisun says:

      i feel the exact same way, but the day he does snap and lash out will be terrifying, if the axel x julliard video was any indication…

  10. Vaibhav Shewale says:

    No Clickbait in Title, No overhype in title, Just Pure Content with proper facts.
    This is what i pay internet bills for.

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