One Change That Would Make Pacific Rim a Classic

One Change That Would Make Pacific Rim a Classic

Pacific Rim was so good, we can’t believe they didn’t do this one thing to make it freaking perfect. And no. That one thing isn’t “Add more swords.”


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59 Responses

  1. Jet 27 says:

    It’s already a classic. Fight me.

  2. swguygardner says:

    um, actually… yeah, that does work a lot better! Well done, Cracked, for bringing out a video worth watching lately (excluding title shows like some news or after hours)

  3. Marion Hinzman says:

    If the whole point of the first movie was to close the portal at the bottom of the ocean where the Kaiju are coming through in the first place where do we get a plot for the second movie unless we’re talking about aliens coming from outer space to Earth this time oh God I just found out the plot of the second movie

    • MocTube says:

      Marion Hinzman well at the end credits u can hear a kaiju growl, implying there’s one out there in the sea. Also the aliens created 2 portals; one during dinosaur times and one seen in the movie, so they could probs just make another one

    • muntu1221 says:

      They closed a single portal of a single factory.

      We don’t stop building roads if one gets destroyed, we just repair it and learn from our mistakes, especially if we’re desperate to find a new home.

    • Draggon Reaper says:

      In the next movie they fight a giant rubber ducky from space.

    • NIELS MICHIELS says:

      i got a a verry strong feeling that PR2 is going to be shit………

  4. Jarethenator says:

    “Any exposition this movie accidentally featured–” *_~record screeching to a halt~_* Oh. You’re one of _those_ ‘critics’…

  5. Hota Watcher says:

    Gotta say… dude’s got a point.

  6. kraziiXIII says:

    This makes a lot of sense. Like too much sense. I’m flabbergasted.

  7. Random Awesome And Crazy Videos says:

    Pacific rim is already a classic don’t question that

  8. Hedon says:

    A female asian lead in a blockbuster?! When hell freezes over is when Hollywood will let that happen.

  9. ConriDubhghail says:

    0:08 Yes, I too believe that it’s lack of true weebness is a turn off. And there wasn’t even harem, let alone an incest subplot. How are we supposed to believe these are real human beings who’ve seen the world fall apart, desperately struggling with the trauma of such a thing while also holding the fate of the world in their hands if no one is trying to bang their underaged sister?

  10. kentrell randle says:

    Before watching: Fuck you Pacific Rim Was Awesome
    After watching: Holy Shit he’s right

    • Jove Joved says:

      Except nobody wants to buy tickets to watch an Asian female in the lead role.

    • Gordon Allinson says:

      Correction: Hollywood studio heads think people only want to watch a white male in the lead role. If they were a bit more daring they’d find out it’s not true!

  11. Jarethenator says:

    You can literally just edit the movie to make what you’re suggesting true. You wouldn’t even need to add any more scenes…That all said, would that make it better? Eh. It’s pretty great as is.

  12. Mad Salt says:

    Why is sectretly being an anime a bad thing? Anime has made some of the best stories ever. The change is awesome and smart tho.

    • boulderaidan the 1st says:

      Mad Salt only reason I don’t like watching anime’s is because of how over the top they can be, it can just make it cringy to me.

    • Draggon Reaper says:

      There are a lot of anime that aren’t over the top though. I’d like to point some out, but I don’t know what you consider “over the top”, so what I think wouldn’t be you might. Popular shows like One Piece, Naruto, Bleach… etc are definitely over the the top. There are so much more though, like Cowboy Bebop. Great anime, and not over the top imo. Wolf’s Rain is one of my all time favorites, and I wouldn’t call it over the top till probably the end.

    • Maxy Waxy says:

      People just don’t want to admit it’s good.

    • Omar Guillen says:

      Japan can make good anime but Hollywood sure as hell can’t make a decent anime.

    • Isaac Blouin says:

      Because it should have _openly_ been an anime.

  13. Frederic Beaudet says:

    Very good point. But like you said, the movie is based around cliché

  14. redsands1001 says:

    Yeah..i think that works better

  15. ButterTheGod says:

    Nah it was good the way it is 👌

  16. Fred Hageman says:

    Or if the monsters had their own even more gigantic mech suits.

    • The Solmanian says:

      Finally someone who gets the movie! It’s not about puny tiny humans and their emotional backstories, dimwit critic. It’s about giant robots kicking alien scum’s ass! The only way to make Pacific RIm better, is putting an extra hour of giant robots fighting aliens.

  17. Jaison Abraham says:

    It a small change that would be doable. Basically that just editing the movie and not adding more scenes

  18. badgerlord87 says:

    Pacific Rim is flawless.

  19. plasticbutler says:

    Female Asian lead will only get greenlit in Hollywood if Scarlett Johansson plays the role.

  20. Night Rider says:

    Honestly i dont think it would have mattered

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