One D&D – World Reveal Trailer

One D&D – World Reveal Trailer

Visit and help shape the future of the next generation of Dungeons & Dragons.

One D&D is the code name for the next generation of D&D, bringing together three initiatives that will shape the future of the game:
–D&D Rules. This takes what we love about fifth edition and updates the rules of the game to reflect the feedback we have heard from players and where the game is today.
–D&D Beyond. This will be the platform for your digital D&D collection, content, and tools.
–D&D Digital Play Experience. In early development, the D&D Digital play experience will offer an immersive player experience, rich creation tools for Dungeon Masters, and a connected space for DMs and players to get together and play D&D.

Our goal is to give you more D&D wherever you play, whenever you want.

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51 Responses

  1. Sven T Sexgore says:

    So happy that they’ll finally be bundling digital and physical. I hope there’s some way to ‘redeem’ past physical purchases though I won’t hold my breath on that one.

    • Goro majima says:

      @Version or just mind your own damn business, you don’t wanna use physical books? cool. others do. mind your own and stop trying to tell others how they should play a game

    • Willie5000 says:

      There probably won’t be a good way to feasibly to that. Though hot take; all the rules should be free.

    • Alyss Mathrin says:

      @Version People with slow internet, power outages, doing D&D in the same household on a physical table and gameboard…

      Also, the physical books can’t be rescinded by the company simply by shutting down the website, or the site getting DDOSd

    • Howard Kings says:

      @Version That’s fair, although I believe the idea of stuff being left on the cutting room floor is less of an issue than it used to be exactly because they can publish digitally alongside the print product. I think abandoning one format in favor of the other is a disservice to all.

    • Evan Holt says:

      @Adolf E. Neumann then there is, actually, because obviously I don’t. If you think it won’t happen that’s fine, no one said it would. If we have to buy all of the books again to get it to work no one’s going to, it isn’t worth it. But there are ways to make it backwards compatible, so it is possible. No one’s saying it’s a guarantee.

  2. HappySpartan says:

    The only thing I’m scared about is the pricing, I feel like all of this new stuff especially the 3D game board and all that stuff will be insanely pricey.

    • mgelliott86 says:

      @KanedaSyndrome there’s already a bunch of ways to do that

    • Dr Silky says:

      @Ky J don’t have to be a conservative to have a good work ethic while also wanting to earn additional income to enjoy hobbies. Don’t bury your head in politics bud, you’ll live longer and the whole left v right show won’t wear you down.

    • Dr Silky says:

      @Matthew DeSmith Says the guy who chose to reply! Lmaooo! Life ain’t always as complicated as you would like to make it. And it sure don’t have to be that complicated to make you seem like a genius! Even more sad the idea of some one working + hustling and having disposable income is made out to be such a terrible thing. But hey , stay in that victim / holier than though mindset. Fits some one who spends their life on YouTube! LOL

    • Jody Lee says:

      it’s all about money now. supposedly, it’s trendy to play now since all these star have their little d and d shows on youtube and other streaming platforms. give me the handbook, pencil, paper, and my dice.

    • Matthew DeSmith says:

      @Dr Silky Look, I don’t know you, and I have no idea what’s happened in your life that makes you feel like you need to find validation by arguing the superiority of your ideas to a few random people in a small internet comment section, but whatever it is, I hope it gets better. Seems like something is seriously troubling you, and you should know there are resources out there to deal with it. Even something as simple as a beer with good friends can be the best remedy. Have a good life bro. Seriously, wishing you the best.

  3. PredaNoob says:

    I really hope they allow importing 3D models we can make. And a random dungeon generator for maps.

  4. Joe Smith says:

    I’m just concerned about how heavily they will monetize the minis. I already spend enough on physical ones and not looking forward to rebuilding at a similar price.

    • anton gunther says:

      Check out a 3d printer. For hobby dnd stuff its great! I paid about 200 bucks for mine and spent about another 80-100 bucks on other bits and bobs (consumables) and I can now print out minis for pennies!

    • Luxosaucer says:

      Well Gamesworkshop will be the baseline on how monetized a mini can be so unless they do the unthinkable and be more expensive than GW, I think it should be pretty reasonable.

    • frank says:

      @Purple Microdot thats the beauty of capitalism, commie 😎

    • D R says:

      That’s exactly what I’m worried about. If you have to purchase every single mini inside the game, I’m definitely not gonna be using it.

    • Travis Combs says:

      Based on Arena prices, too much

  5. Zachary P says:

    I wonder if the “new” core rule books will be updates tacked onto the existing books where you’ll have access to them as long as you own the original on DnD Beyond, or if they will be separate books with slight changes that will need to be purchased again.

    While I am really excited for the 3D digital tabletop, I hope they include an option for top-down 2D maps. If you’re building from scratch, 3D maps can be a lot or if you need to create a quick map on the fly, 2D is easier to work with. Plus, sometimes less is more.

    • Primo says:

      tilt shift is the technique, i guess 2d maps can still be used

    • UltimateFusion says:

      Based on the first round of playtesting material that’s been released, it looks like the changes are gonna be significant enough that they’ll likely be new books. Hopefully if you’re just buying digital copies they’ll be cheaper but we probably won’t know anything about pricing for a long while.

      Edit: On second glance some of the materials have notes or rules that accommodate using characters made from current rulebooks/expansions sooo it is possible that this will just expand upon current rulesets but im still inclined to think that we’ll get new rulebooks.

    • WittyDroog says:

      I think there’s still some growing pains and figuring stuff out but the Rules Expansion under the new Monsters of the Multiverse seems to play out on DNDB as an update, at least on my account it seems to present both options. This may be simply due to how the Rules Expansions work (read: as optional rules) so it MAY play out differently.

      I guess it’s really going to depend on how much tweaking the core books will receive, the foundation may be the same but the book may be completely remixed by the end of the revision process.

    • ornitorinque melancholique says:


  6. Cameron Maas says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I beg that they don’t leverage this system to oust second/third party content. I think the world of open source gaming is incredible and a real boon to the community. If you have this robust system specifically designed for official products, the community around second/third party and homebrew content is going to suffer.

    • Kycool says:

      They said that they won’t

    • Madison M. says:

      I’m crossing my fingers that they don’t and are one of the few corporations that’s decent. I hope they’re decent and want to have faith in them but I’m not sure how much I can rely on any corporation to do the right thing.

    • Madison M. says:

      I have faith in them. I feel like we are pretty loud and clear about what we want and how all parts of the community and independent businesses work together. And it makes them more money. I think they are smart enough not to dismantle that.

    • Scott says:

      That is exactly what they’re doing. Everything in one place. If I worked for a 3rd party, I’d start looking for a new job.

    • braden crockett says:

      Don’t worry, they will.

  7. Justin Penhall says:

    Very excited about the physical/digital bundles for books. Would be great to be able to get physical copies at a discount for all the content (everything out so far) that I own in DnD Beyond. Also very excited about expanding the digital footprint into VTT, so I don’t have to spend additional money for content I already own to use it in some other VTT.

    • Matthew R King says:

      @Snoulbora They’re digital purchases made through their business partners; if they wanted to do it, they could and it wouldn’t be that difficult by linking D&D Beyond accounts to 3rd party vendor accounts, which companies do all the time.

      I, a nobody, thought of this very simple solution quite quickly. Their teams of people could come up with something even better.

      Trust me, I get that they don’t want to and I get that they don’t have to; neither of those things mean they shouldn’t.

      I don’t really get what your point is, though? “It doesn’t work like that and they said so, so don’t complain when they try to make it better for other people at your exclusion. And don’t try to say that you should get the same treatment as their other customers, because they already said you don’t”?

      Like, is that really all you were trying to say? Who does that help? What new information does that add? Just defending WotC? I’m not even attacking WotC, just pointing out a feature I’d like; a feature that they haven’t even said they won’t be included in their new system.

      I’m just in utter confusion as to why you chose to write that.

    • pink sunsets says:

      @Azriel Slytherin bacause the third party bought the books from them

    • Snoulbora says:

      @Matthew R King Yeah it doesn’t work that way chief, that’s why you shouldn’t by digital stuff from 3rd parties, its even in there user agreement as well as think of a logical standpoint. How are they going to be able to back track that / backlog that. If they were to do that it won’t be a simple solution that you are thinking of. I get you want your money back but lets be honest we know going into D&D what were investing into.

    • Matthew R King says:

      @Azriel Slytherin because the books I bought there cost the same and are still their products; meaning I am their customer being given a lesser product because of the store I bought it from.

      It’s pretty simple; they should care because they took my money.

    • ornitorinque melancholique says:


  8. Tony Moyer says:

    On board but don’t take away my paper and pencils. The nostalgia of doing it old school like when I was a kid is a big part of the experience for me. Thanks for not just giving us another edition.

    • SuperFanFiction says:

      Still using those archaic technologies. Pffft~

    • Samuel Raup says:

      You will need to buy the new core rule books in order to stay “up to date.” That’s what a new edition of rules is. They are packaging it as if it’s just rules updates. If that was the case, why not just draft errata? Why force you to buy a whole new set of books? This is 5.5 at best, and 6 at worst.

    • Matteo Usd says:

      Well,you’ll have to buy everything’s a new edition like 3.5 was for 3.0

    • Mr Maiq says:

      they couldn’t and they would never want to

    • Willie5000 says:

      I don’t think pencil and paper is going anywhere. Also, even though they don’t want to admit it, yes this is absolutely just another edition. It’s 5.5E D&D but not actually called that.

  9. AsterEye says:

    I am very excited for this, we the community have been talking about the things we want to see going, forward, this playtesting thing is beautiful, please listen WoTC and don’t let us down.

  10. Juan Valdivia says:

    This reminds me of the digital push they tried back in 4e. I think the technology is much more mature now so I have a lot of confidence that it’ll be a pretty comprehensive and easy to use system, much more so than what was possible over a decade ago.

    • Trevor Hanson says:

      @The First of the Last Ones It was part of the initial developments, but because of the backlash from the D&D community, they got some new administrators in there and dropped it. Bad business management basically. The business side of 5E was done WAY better.

    • The First of the Last Ones says:

      What ever happened with that digital push for 4e… did it end badly or they scrapped it?

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