One of those days 3 – Candide Thovex

One of those days 3 – Candide Thovex

Candide Thovex completes the trilogy with another one of those days.

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Filmed in Val Blanc, France.

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Watch the One of those days 2

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20 Responses

  1. Matthew Roberts says:

    How does he do this… Like editing wise cause there is no way everything
    he does is resl

  2. tuturcraft 2001 says:

    ouah rien a dire de plus

  3. Cole Taylor says:

    This is so cool until you see the window part and realise a lot of it is

  4. David Parent says:

    de plus en plus fort !!! la y a du gros job bravo

  5. Ilyas wolf says:



    les vrais reconnaîtrons sinon ce qui m’impressionne c’est tout ce qui a
    était mobilisé pour cette performance pour ne citer que l’hélicoptère
    impressionnant gg

  7. Captain Capellini says:

    Amazingly cool but I liked the first two better, they felt more real.
    Everything towards the lake felt too unreal even for this and lost its
    wonder. The helicopter jump was f*cking awesome though, but wouldn’t the
    blades pull you down as you go over?

  8. iPorter says:

    Candide is back??

  9. aidan cowie says:

    Whoa. :o

  10. Jamel Jimenez says:

    fkng awesome

  11. Lans Pyrotastic says:


  12. Nazmul Hasan says:


  13. Bill Miller says:

    man…you`d better get that helicopter thingy JUST right….or thats gonna
    hurt!! ; )

  14. Sander Luraas says:


  15. painzone44 says:

    ces un fack

  16. Dav David says:


  17. Tokyo Ghoul says:

    Wow because THAT’S not staged! Still cool though…

  18. tuturcraft 2001 says:

    putain 291 pouce rouge pfff yen a deja 291 de trop ??!?!

  19. BIGpapa1414 says:

    Biggest badass ever!

  20. Winter 冬 says:

    I fucking love this series.