ONE PIECE | Final Trailer | Netflix

ONE PIECE | Final Trailer | Netflix

Mythic treasure, powerful pirates, and a legendary crew. 🏴‍☠️ #OnePieceNetflix sets sail August 31st, only on Netflix.


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ONE PIECE | Final Trailer | Netflix

With his straw hat and ragtag crew, young pirate Monkey D. Luffy goes on an epic voyage for treasure in this live-action adaptation of the popular manga.

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39 Responses

  1. Dutchie Lander says:

    Can’t wait for Zoro’s declaration that he’ll become the best swordsman in the world. Interested to see how that turns out. Mihawk looks like a badass too.

    • Iven Eyas says:

      Kinda afraid about that because it looks like they changed the scene and it’s just Zoro talking to Luffy directly but I hope I’m wrong. I want Zoro to shout “Got a problem with that? Pirate King?” while crying from the frustration of realizing he is nowhere near Mihawk in strength.


      U-Rite, hope they keep that part in and just left it out of the trailer

    • AleVANdro says:

      Hmm. I can tell that you’re a man of culture just from your profile picture 👍

    • SuperSwordman1 says:

      Given everything we’ve seen so far? He’ll just like mumble it because we can’t have any actual energy in this show

    • KingRico says:

      I better see tears to

  2. Aanant Jadon says:

    If the Zoro scene when he looses and says I will never loose again , gives me Goosebumps then this series has passed in my opinion

  3. J Hern says:

    You can feel the passion behind this, if for nothing else I hope it succeeds for how invested this cast is.

  4. tolis orologas says:

    Weird as it may be, i just love that Luffy actually screams his soul out. This is gonna be epic

  5. Life with Sean says:

    At this point I don’t even care if it’s “good” or “bad”. I can tell the amount of effort they put into to this and that definitely makes it worth it to at least watch it

  6. Sacred says:


  7. Justin says:

    That line from Zoro – “I don’t need to he believes in himself”. Perfect early signs of Zoro trusting his captains goal. Gave me chills.

  8. Haroon P says:

    The main thing i loved about Luffy is how strongly he believes in himself because he is always so confident in himself and his goals whereas i dont believe in myself so the Zoro quote in this trailer exactly embodied how i saw Luffy

    • Oscar Arturo Vela Silva says:

      Yeah I also think it’s so cool! It makes sense for the live action to put it that way, I believe in an SBS someone asks why is luffy so brave and never doubts he;ll beat those who are regarded as stronger, and Oda said it’s because Luffy is an idiot, he doesn’t read the news or anything so he has no idea. Not entirely the same but that answer makes sense for the manga version, it’s a cool translate I would say

    • Serphyxum says:

      Don’t lie to yourself bud

    • Jack Grimm says:

      I think the only time he showed doubt in himself is after marineford

  9. Anıl D says:

    “If the path seems too easy, then you’re on the wrong path.” Zoro took that way too literally 🤣🤣🤣

  10. FaranelHD says:

    These trailers are making me cry because of how promising it looks. It’s like a dream come true, the cast is one of the main reasons why im so emotionally attached, can’t believe we will witness this wonderful adventure once again with live action now. One Piece is real ❤️

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