One Second Salad in 4K

One Second Salad in 4K

Veggies will fly as the guys put on their chef hats and attempt to make themselves a super fast salad. The Super Slow Show, Only on YouTube.

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77 Responses

  1. WAL33D MAS says:


  2. Anand Sharma says:

    21st viewer

  3. Kshitij Bhilare says:

    Hey guys love from India

  4. Watch Me DIY It says:

    So sloooow!

  5. Science with Katie says:

    “The Great British Slow Off” ? It’s far too sunny there to deserve such a title. Anyone know where they film these? It looks amazing ☀️ ☀️

  6. Jakub Stasiak says:

    Its even slower than my internet. 😮

  7. Tech Allrounders says:


  8. CeeGee says:

    *This is also how they make French fries right?* (Btw, perhaps any new filmmakers/contentcreators out there who’d like to give me some feedback on my latest video? I can do the same for you, that way we can help each other out 😉

  9. Someone Different says:

    I *carrot* comprehend these vegetable jokes!

    • Flying Dutchman says:

      Terrible pun, get out, and stay outside and think of what you just said.

    • Deepa Hans says:

      Oh my God

    • Joel Hudson says:

      These puns just can not be beet

    • Someone Different says:

      Flying Dutchman As Dutchman you should know that I just “kwamkwammer” here and thus have no need of “graan” already! But also remember that I might feel “peen” when you send me out

      “Kwamkwammer” is the ‘past’ form of the dutch word for cucumber. Kwam means came.
      “Graan” is the word for grain. I meant graan as ‘gaan’ what is the word for going here.
      “Peen” is a word for carrot, “wortel” is that too. Meant as ‘pain’.
      😉 I’m so -funny- punny

    • tubeist- dan says:

      I artichoke you guys for these stupid puns; as soon as i vinegar out how.

  10. Lumber Tycoon 2 Secrets says:

    a dry ice bomb in slowmotion?!

  11. Nimesh Tandey says:

    I am Hungry. Who else ?

  12. Harry101UK says:

    Lots of frame-skippng during the slowmo in this episode. Also didn’t feel slow enough. =(

    • Wholemanatee says:

      Hey. I’ve been watching a lot of your portal stuff lately.

    • top kek says:

      TopChannel but they have 4k cameras that go up to 20khz and have plenty of light

    • San Antonio says:

      This is what I feel like too. NO ONE CARES ABOUT 4K, we want slowmotion, even if it’s in 144p it’s way more interesting to see rather than just Iphone-tier slowmo !!

    • SlowDownImWhite says:

      it’s because it’s in 4K meaning less frames (more frames = less resolution on the video); i agree with you though, i miss the actual slowmo they used to do but i think because this is a Web Series that they’re only going to be using 4K shots because that’s the format they’re using for this series. I’m sure once this is done and if gav and dan are still making videos they’ll do some really high frame rate videos again.

    • Haadi Mughal says:

      Harry101UK hey never would’ve seen u here

  13. Leoreo says:

    3:44 Oh god, I was eating while listening to that T__T

  14. NicolaiAAA says:

    How hysterical would it be if this video, somehow, someway, was the one where Dan broke his arm?

    • DarkPhantom10 says:

      It would be odd. But seeing as they did the intro with Dan’s arm in a cast, I seriously doubt it.

    • ImTheElixir says:

      they did all the intros at the end of the series. Also gavin did say that dan broke his arm in one of the episodes

  15. Stormsolid says:

    Please don’t put an end to this amazing show! <3

  16. John Robichaud says:

    Tossing salad I see. ?

  17. onedeadsaint says:

    some editing magic going on here: Dan seems to break and unbreak his arm. hmmmmm

  18. Angel george says:

    I give this salad a five stars!!!

  19. Mr. Mystery says:

    Water wasted in the previous episodes; now time for food. Fun fact: there r A LOT of ppl in the world who don’t have food

    • John Knoneborg says:

      Burrito Crab yeah lol because praying really has worked out for everyone.

    • John Knoneborg says:

      Olyvia Burrell yeah praying has gotten so many things for everyone

    • BionicleFreek99 says:

      high class and 5 star restaurants waste a lot more food then this on a regular basis because they throw out the “imperfect food” ergo the stuff that it’s completely perfect in every way, the kind of food we would eat on a regular basis. the world has more food then it needs to support the population, the problem isn’t how much food we have but how to get it to the people who need it without it spoiling. not only is it hard to ship fresh produce across an ocean or to the other side of a continent without spoiling it also, as cruel as it sounds, costs money that governments and big businesses just are not willing to pay. (not that that last point is a good thing)

    • AJ Tomecek says:

      Olyvia Burrell “Mark Peschel you should just shut up. You don’t know anything” Wow Olyvia, that was an amazing come back. You completely blew his statement away with facts of your own, and even cited sources! I’m so amazed. You should totally become a lawyer with skills in debating like that.

    • tubeist- dan says:

      tl;dr: They could have been already discarded veggies.
      I’m not sure. Many supermarkets get rid of anything that falls on the floor, even though it’s totally fresh as those vegetables look. I had to tell my Taiwanese classmate, because something was on the floor; she put it back and I said, no just leave it on the floor, that one’s history and the produce guy laughed and said yeah that’s right.

  20. RandomFlatShowsvideos says:

    Captain vegetables!

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