One Thousand Pokémon! 🥳

One Thousand Pokémon! 🥳

Twenty-six years after the release of the original Pokémon games—Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Green Version in Japan—the number of Pokémon discovered has finally surpassed one thousand!

Let’s celebrate the occasion with a look back at some of your favorite Pokémon!

Start your adventure in Paldea today! ❤️💜

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30 Responses

  1. Ndukauba says:

    It’s still absolutely insane to know that after 9 Generations of Pokemon, we FINALLY hit the 1000 Pokemon mark! This is absolutely incredible!

    • Stefan Szpara says:

      @-Jay- pokemon we collected ’em all

    • Mario87456 says:

      @Enrique III el Laberíntico Well a potential idea I can think of for a 10,000th Pokémon would be a Gholdengo evolution that evolves after collecting 9,999 Gimmighoul coins.

    • Enrique III el Laberíntico says:

      @Mario87456 I would make 2000 Gholdengo’s evo, Gholdenbi. Not only from the “bi” affix, but also from the verb “be” replacing go as “been” and “gone” can both be considered a participle form of go, in the way of “it’s been a wild ride”.

    • akil charles says:

      @Timuru Thats probably because it is made out of the same Gimmighoul coins one’s gather to evolve it. But hey I respect your opinion as well but for me its an okay design also given with its lore.

    • Timuru says:

      @akil charles i respect your opinion but for me its the opposite of cool, it looks like a cheese string in ranger cosplay and in the game battles it barely even looks like its made from coin.

  2. Dazl says:

    Man, it’s crazy to think of how far Pokémon as a franchise has come. I remember in middle school, I was 12 years old, I was talking to my friends while playing Pokemon Black 2 on my DSi. We were imagining if there were 1000 Pokemon how cool those games would be. Here we are at 1,000. It’s sad to see that the national dex had to be cut for Scarlet and Violet over I hope to see her returned it another game so I can truly catch them all.

    • AGKyran says:

      Dang. That’s wild to me.

      I mean, I was 9 when pokemon red and blue got out.
      It’s weird because to me black 2 feels like it was released only a few years ago.
      But it was 11 years ago.

      Time goes so fast.

    • Link200767 says:

      @phyllotaxis speaking of, i remember when they introduced megas and people hated them and they moved on those same people that hated megas all of a sudden cried about their exclusion like, b*tch you hated them so why do you all of sudden like them? also people act like gen 9 is the most buggiest game ever when its not, this is the buggiest gen since gen 1. also has a fraction of bugs compared to anthem, cod and battlefield.

    • phyllotaxis says:

      @Link200767 Been playing since gen 1, it’s been wild hearing people say that for over 20 years now (ESPECIALLY with B/W haha). Honestly, every new gen has just made me love these games more.

    • Joey Hiedeman says:

      You seem to be around my age if you played Black 2 at 12

    • Link200767 says:

      i remember back in gen 3 someone was saying the franchise phase out of popularity and no one will play these games, joke on them cuz its still kicking even if they reject reality substitute their own. they also said the same with Nintendo (yes Michael Pachter said it too but he’s not relevant in this topic).

  3. Squirtle says:

    Pikachu being 25 after the first 8 sets of 3 starters, it’s national dex number being 25 and appearing at 0:25 was so perfect

    • Mario87456 says:

      @Squirtle Not to mention the fact that Gholdengo the 1000th Pokémon was introduced in that very region.

    • Squirtle says:

      @GamerFromJump well with the way they formatted it, they wanted all the paldea pokemon last (all of them actually matching their national dex numbers) since it is a recent generation

    • GamerFromJump says:

      Sadly, if you did a world dex that put all the starters first, it would put Pichu at #28 at the earliest.

    • Mario87456 says:

      I honestly thought they were going to go in the order of the National Dex for all Pokémon and I am surprised they didn’t

  4. SiimplyGrinding says:

    Watching this took me back to the sneaking my Gameboy Advance into class days, love you Pokemon🫶

  5. Mumbo Exeyeye says:

    I didn’t expect to cry but here I am, unable to stop it. This series has been a big part of my life, through good times and bad. It’s so overwhelming to have it all come flooding back at once. Thank you for all the memories.

  6. Truegreen7 says:

    I got super emotional when the Ultra Necrozma music started playing. The remixes were immaculate. And the final Paldea section bumped up every Gen 9 Pokémon a tier for me.

  7. Cool-Vest Leo says:

    Love how no game feels underrepresented. They have really been nailing it with the fan service lately.

  8. Callum Mifsud says:

    This gave me goosebumps. What an amazing video. An amazing callback to the franchise’s history.

  9. Justin Ying says:

    I had fun memories that played so many Pokémon Games it was best and still playing Scarlet and Violet

  10. chill says:

    Unbelievable, we’ve come so far Pokemon. 🥺❤️ Over 1000 Pokemon and I hope to see more. ❤️

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