oneplus 2 antutu run

oneplus 2 antutu run

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16 Responses

  1. Everything There Is says:


  2. Dan Weatherley Productions says:

    2016 Flagship killer? Only a tiny bit faster than the 2014 Note 4.

  3. Shiv Kamal Upadhaya says:

    am I the only one who hate the skin? is it oxygen? why? oxygen was nearly

  4. Gokul Rama says:

    If it’s just a full HD display and not a QuadHD.. It’s not worth upgrading
    from the oneplus one

  5. RobTheCarSpotter says:

    This phone looks like utter garbage, the rear camera positioning is
    horrendous and that home button is even worse. Only 49,000 points in AnTuTu
    with a Snapdragon 810 is a joke, my OPO with Boeffla Kernel scores higher
    than this and that’s only a Snapdragon 801. I have owned the One since
    about October and it’s been excellent, but OnePlus as a company has a clear
    problem with over-hyping things that turn out to be a complete
    disappointment. Take OxygenOS as an example. And how about the huge delays
    with getting Lollipop over to the phone in the first place, while they
    worked on that shitty drone in the meantime. Look elsewhere if you’re in
    the market for a new phone, there’s better alternatives available than

  6. fariz ascariz says:

    now home button become mandatory for fingerprint scanner, and i hate it

  7. ahmed muhammed says:

    if this is real count me out!! galaxy note 5 here I come !!!:-)

  8. WWW.2KINDS.COM says:

    okay this is real.
    the phone is coming out soon anyway.

  9. Gage Hess says:

    Come on one plus! Obviously spending 410 days designing a phone you use an
    outdated cpu. A brand new phone with a mediocre performance score??? What
    is the deal lately have android phones other than Samsung hit a brick wall?
    Sure the one plus 2 looks awesome and has many first for a flagship like
    4gb of ram, usb-c, and a mute toggle switch but seriously how can you
    expect to sell a phone that has performance nearly identical to a year old
    smartphone like the iPhone 6? 

  10. Juan Chavira says:

    I cant believe it was legit.

  11. Beef Supreme says:

    This is the 16GB version. You can see in the settings menu in the
    beginning. The other version is more powerful. 

  12. FERTUHG says:

    congratulations one plus(and snapdragon) you managed a to make a device
    that performs worse than a s5 with a s805(53k in antutu)

  13. Gi Ma (Hey You App) says:

    oneplus 2 antutu run

  14. Sephiroth GWM says:

    49221 score?? Damn……hoping for more higher score since the specs is a

  15. Jason Poole says:

    This is the 16GB 3GB ram variant not 64GB 4GB ram…Still a good score.