OnePlus 5 – Launch Live Event

OnePlus 5 – Launch Live Event

Thank you for joining us on the most important day in OnePlus history. Witness the launch of the OnePlus 5.

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20 Responses

  1. Bindu M says:

    it’s *’practically’* an iphone with a headphone jack

  2. Fosco says:

    Clearer Photos -> CODE

  3. James Labrague says:

    Looks like I’m gonna settle with my 1+3t for a while. :

  4. Muhammed Devecioglu says:

    Today is my 18th birthday. I’m so happy and excited about OP5. Huge Thanks to OP 🙂

  5. NTPoi says:

    Europe is fucked up!
    No more oneplus this year

  6. Jb Sanchez says:

    affordable flagship smartphone $479 €499 for the 6gb ram 64gb internal storage version $539 for the 8gb 128gb internal storage model dual camera 20mp secondary sensor 16 mp primary sensor
    16mp front camera 1.7 aperture Snapdragon 835 3300mah battery

    the joke of not having a headphone nice one oneplus 😂😂😂

  7. Aaron says:

    Good, but nothing special like samsung galaxy s8

  8. Andreas Bonde says:

    starts @24:57 thank me later

  9. patpallopoika says:

    I’m happy that it doesn’t differ that much from 3T for I bought it just a couple of months ago😅

  10. Kangyu Ng says:

    theyare no longer a budget phone. just a normal flagship with reduced specs. good average product, but no longer the legend it used to be

  11. Susila Veerasamy says:

    bye S8👋👋👋👋 HEY 1PLUS 5🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪

  12. Leon says:

    I schocked when they said they didn’t put in a headphone jack lmao

  13. Сергей Егоров says:

    That feeling when you finally found perpect phone, but can’t afford it 🙁

  14. Johan Kustandi says:

    24:59 You’re welcome

  15. TheCarmacon says:

    am I the only one not seeing any difference between the noise and de-noised picture?

  16. Nafi asdin says:

    “who needs headphone jack…… just kidding”

  17. Victor Pascan says:

    so in Europe it’s 555 dollars but in USA it’s 479 ? ok…

  18. Empathy Lessons says:

    *Somebody sure paid YouTube nicely..*

  19. saurabh s says:

    no longer a budget category

  20. sagar pandey says:

    is there any fucking audience!?.

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