OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!

OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!

OnePlus 7 Pro is crazy fast in all the right ways. For $669. Nice.
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54 Responses

  1. Tyler Review says:

    You can tell 24 from 30 FPS
    I thought on a video that it was 60 FPS; later in video I’m recording in 24 FPS

  2. Venomous King says:

    Oneplus 7 has also been launched and its £499 ??…it features a double camera setup and waterdrop notch

  3. Marcus Smithereens-Smitherton says:

    A good compassion specs and price wise would be with the Huawei mate 20 pro.

    • coolymoody says:

      Oh the Huawei mate 20 pro really beats this one. The cameras, water resistance, wireless charging, reverse wireless charging, battery life and capacity are all better in the mate 20 pro

  4. xVLADx says:

    669$?? I thought it was at least 800, now I definitely getting it

    • Skylancer727 says:

      It is for the 12GB model he was using. Plus no SD card slot, it’s dual sim. If you can deal with a hole punch the S10e is still the better option.

    • Kpenguin says:

      +Skylancer727 90% of people really don’t need that much real ram in a phone. I have the OnePlus 6 with 8 gigs of RAM and my average ram usage is about 4gigs. The 7 pro is definitely better than s10e, not to mention iPhone xr

    • Aaponton says:

      +Skylancer727 op7 is so much better than s10e. Its bigger, faster, 90hz screen and better os

  5. klmnkos says:

    Still having OnePlus Two for Motorcycle Navi and it is still good. BUT, I am still mad at Oneplus because they prommised to update Two and they did not…. 🙁

  6. Jimmy says:

    Are you doing a burn in test on that $15,000 OLED wallpaper TV in the background?

  7. Ivan Henrique Tavares Pauletti says:

    QHD+ | HDR | 90Hz | Fluid amoled

    Plot twist: No widevine L1 support.

  8. Lyric _360 says:

    MKBHD: This phone starts at $669

    Also MKBHD: Niiiice

  9. AhMed Al-hemyari says:

    NOTE 10 developers be like : oh crap close the damn project we might have some changes in plans

  10. klen sal says:

    Samsung releases,s10+. all tech youtubers switching to s10+
    Huawei releases P30 pro. all tech youtubers switching to P30 pro
    OnePlus releases OP7pro. all tech youtubers switching to OP7 pro

    • Exzo Bree says:

      That is true!

    • Mike Parmar says:

      Maybe because big YouTubers get paid to do that i guess.

    • César Clavería says:

      +Mike Parmar and most go back to their personal favorites after the review is done. Linus usually switches back to whatever the most recent Samsung Note is, MKBHD tends to go back to pixels but also sometimes the latest OnePlus (and also carries an iPhone) and not sure about others.

    • Mike Parmar says:

      +César Clavería Yes, never seen a tech-youtuber using S series (that is quite shocking), most of them uses Pixel/Note/iPhone.

    • Daniel Garica says:

      They’re sponsored by…. well because they let them have the phone for testing before they are released.

  11. Will Wunsche says:

    Not getting the phone (already have a good one) but that is the most beautiful color in a phone I have ever seen, wow!

  12. Alovon says:

    Weird on the battery life, maybe it’s a fluke?
    Everyone else is citing 7-8 hours or so, with Linus having 40% left after his day.

  13. ibrahim usman says:

    That Spotify app launch is lighting fast fam ??. ?‍♂️??

  14. TheGreatAce 7 says:

    Do galaxy buds work with it?

    Edit: Could you do a direct comparison vid of this phone vs the galaxy s10?

  15. Venkata Nandi says:

    90hz screen and 4000mah, not going to last longer unless adaptive frequency, resolution are implemented.

  16. MeisterFoSho says:

    6T is looking good at $500. But I got an LG V35 for $340. I miss the days when O+ falgship killer was at $299 price tag.

  17. Ben Aman says:

    Its way expensive im still stuck with 2014 smartphone and it works fine


    You completely forgot the audio quality..
    And showed Spotify almost 5 times

  19. Virdeus says:

    I want that 90hz display on my Pixel 3.

  20. Kam A says:

    the B in MKBHD stands for “Beard” apparently

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