Online Shopping HAUL!! *Instagram Stores You NEED to Shop From!

Online Shopping HAUL!! *Instagram Stores You NEED to Shop From!

Haul time!! Did a little online shopping from Instagram stores you need to shop from! Hope you find some small businesses from this haul!! Love you guys! xo -Alisha Marie
Instagram: @Alisha
Twitter: @AlishaMarie
Snapchat: LidaLu11

Drip Creaionz:
Butterfly Shoe:
Leopard Shoe:

Max Roux:

Cyberspace Shop:

Raw Rebellious:
He Loves Me Not:
Faux Fantasy Set:
Champagne Showers Set:
Honest Daydreams Set:
Give Zero:
Ain’t Laurent:
Gucci in Paris:
Throw A Fit:
Red Flags:
Velvet Skies:

Yours Truly Clothing:

Frankie Collective:

Set Active:
One Shoulder Bra:

Yellow One Piece:
Black One Piece:

Feelin Cute Sticker:
Babe Sticker:
Letter Stickers:

Other Small Business Hauls:

Apple Podcasts:

**IF YOU’RE READING THIS** comment “instabaddie”


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35 Responses

  1. AlishaMarie says:

    Small Bizzzz Checkkkkk… haha what are YOUR fav small businesses??

  2. Emily Hewitt says:

    My cousin has her own small business call Dorothy blue

  3. Bridget M says:

    Take a shot every time Alisha says “freaking.” Wait nevermind that’s a bad idea.

  4. Regina Bubbles says:

    Small business:

  5. Flxurelle says:

    Alisha: I will say that this is a little on the expensive side

    – me looking at all the products that are over 100 dollars in poor –

  6. Lilly B says:

    YOU SHOULD MAKE MERCH THAT SAYS “SO FREAKING DOPE” because you say that a lot

  7. Momo Quoto says:

    lol… take a shot every time Alisha says “freakin” 😂

  8. Izabel says:

    The amount of EFFORT put in this video.. the shots, everything… i really appreciate the thought and love u do things with 💛

  9. XIAN C. says:

    me: too broke to even online shop

    also me: clicks this video

  10. Edith Kavanagh says:

    Literally the only words in Alisha vocabulary are ‘So freakin cute’ haha lmao

  11. cindrati says:

    Whenever i watch Alisha’s videos, I can feel her passion in her contents, someone needs to learn from her

  12. Leora Ginsberg says:

    i have never related to someone more when you were catching you breath after j walking up the stairs. like people will run up the stairs without even have to take a minute but i need to stop for 20 minutes

  13. Olivia W says:

    no one:

    alisha: takes her bag out of the fridge

  14. Izzy Myers says:

    If you’re 21+, take a shot for every time Alisha says the word “freakin”

  15. Samantha f says:

    I was so confused when I clicked and it wasn’t her walking to get coffee! I thought it was a vlog! She was talking about this video in her vlog tho she said it was different I kinda love it not gonna lie

  16. Abhilasa Mohanty says:

    No one:
    Litteraly no one:
    Alisha with a floatie: Oh Hey
    Lots of love alisha😍

  17. Ash Brown says:

    I love the energy of this vid haha, Tk and Alisha’s friendship is goals honestly aha 😀

  18. idk _ says:


    Alisha: *takes a purse out of the fridge*

  19. Hazel Berry says:

    No one:

    Literally no one:

    Alisha: ‘Oh hey! You’re probably wondering!’
    😂 I ❤️ all the translations

  20. Kylie Ohlman says:

    Pink lily boutique has such cute clothes shoes and swimsuits

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