Only Jon Stewart Can Make Sense of the Trump Candidacy

Only Jon Stewart Can Make Sense of the Trump Candidacy

Unable to explain the success of Trump’s campaign, Stephen seeks out Jon Stewart for advice interrupting the former “Daily Show” anchor’s blissful, kale-fueled isolation.

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Stephen Colbert took over as host of The Late Show on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015. Colbert is best known for his work as a television host, writer, actor, and producer, and best known for his charity work teaching English as a second language on Tunisian date farms. Prior to joining the CBS family — and being officially adopted by network president Les Moonves — Colbert helmed “The Colbert Report,” which aired nearly 1,500 episodes and required Stephen to wear nearly 1,500 different neckties. The program received two Peabody Awards, two Grammy Awards, and several unwelcome shoulder massages. It won two Emmys for Outstanding Variety Series in 2013 and 2014, both of which appear to have been lost in the move. Colbert is pronounced koʊlˈbɛər, according to Wikipedia. His understudy is William Cavanaugh, who will be hosting The Late Show approximately one third of the time. Good luck, Bill!”

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20 Responses

  1. James Jackson says:

    hahahahahahahahaha! too damn funny!!!

  2. Max Palombella says:


  3. Loyd Pye says:

    Trump = change and he’s not bought vote for hrc you are voting
    for a criminal, a murderer etc,, evil demono crats. . and obviously you
    bought and payed for tv personalities that sold your soul to the NWO and
    Hollywood can’t accept change because you like your unrealistic pathetic
    world, why would you want change ?? because you are living on easy street
    but at least 70 % of your countrys population wants change. candy ass
    tv puppet people that work for pedophiles and who don’t know what real

  4. The Super Vanquish says:

    And yet millions of people are already concrete solid on voting for him.
    but,,,,,,,,its not difficult for anyone to see that Hillarys campaign will
    use that against him relentlessly on tv and the internet.

  5. OrionoftheStar says:

    Colbert Report Colbert! Great to see you again!

  6. Maureen McLean says:

    So funny. Miss Jon.

  7. Tim S says:

    Colbert carrying Sting – all is right in the world…for a few minutes, at

  8. Cody Cross says:

    I love you John and colbert but,colbert please talk about something other
    than trump please, your starting to get stale.

  9. some guy says:

    Jon is here to save us!

  10. aami says:

    This video made me sooooo happy. Seeing Jon and Stephen together. I miss
    these two together

  11. freshmex85 says:

    Man I miss Jon

  12. John Connor says:

    hahah Jon really aged well, didn’t he?

  13. Slink Bradshaw says:

    Nwo treating the boys swell

  14. Kerry Steffens says:

    This was the best they could come up with. Not funny. Not poignant. Just
    stupid. Do you think they had a meeting and asked, “How can we get people
    to differentiate the old Colbert and the present Colbert… ahhh raise one

  15. Kuro Linguini says:

    #captainobvious They made him look younger! Pause the video and look at the
    images of Colbert at 3:12 and 3:17. That is either some good makeup, or
    some Tron: Legacy shit right there. That is hilarious! It’s like Stephen
    from the Colbert report is a different person from Stephen from The Late
    Show! HA!

  16. Amaranth says:

    It was sweet of Stephen to put his great grandfather on the show.

  17. Samuel Fryer says:

    Damn these two have great comedic chemistry together

  18. blacklibertea party says:

    Good to see Jon but umm Let me guess, Trump is winning because of
    “xenophobia” or “racism.”

  19. branden burks says:

    We need Stewart! He belongs to the public.

  20. God says:

    One of my greatest creations, Mr. Jon Stewart. America needs you