Today I fill my bathtub with corn starch and water to make Oobleck.

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20 Responses

  1. Tracey Malango says:

    I ? you ROY

  2. TheNumber1Fox says:

    Video starts at 3:10 thank me later

  3. andx3a says:

    hiii roi I’m one of ur guavlings, idk what I just said but my middle Name
    is Guadalupe I really like my middle name because it sounds like guava

  4. AJ Kinnard says:

    do a bath tub full of syrup or hot sauce!!!!!!!!!

  5. redrider494 says:

    Plz take a bath in shaving cream

  6. micah borja says:


  7. EllieGlitters 121 says:

    Giant whisk~ Lol wetting myself ?

  8. Neng Yang says:

    ohhhh never mind

  9. Dayana ELI Mendez says:

    Other people: cool i want yo do that
    me: how tf are u going to clean that

  10. PandaGirl _Gaming says:

    I think you have a new punching bag

  11. Mary Ayala says:

    Can you do it again but fill the whole thing like if agree

  12. xnatemods 101 says:

    i love obleck

  13. Wendy Aguado says:

    I really think u should go back with Alex wassabi u guys were awesome
    together and now look at u by urself and desperate take my word for it

  14. Tyler Swearngin says:

    Hey Roi my name is Tyler. luv ur vids

  15. Yaseen Elkhadary says:

    you should have a wasabi bathtub

  16. lee shively says:

    Try cleaning this XD

  17. LightningFlash22 says:

    its a non newtonian fluid its a solid and a liquid

    Roi if you got a lot more corn starch and filled the bath tub full of it
    then put half a bath tub full of water then it would be oobleck

  18. Falco Doge says:

    Im so trigger all the went all the wall.. imagine how hard that will be to

  19. Valluvan Ratnaveluppillai says:

    4:12 The heaviest liquid I’ve ever been in!?……O.O

  20. Norah Adhikari says:

    why is this so satisfying