Oops We’re All Humans // Grace Helbig

Oops We’re All Humans // Grace Helbig

Just had to get this out of my system. I’m cool now. You rule it. And now back to awkward self-loathing and Real Housewives.

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20 Responses

  1. Miranda Canacci says:

    This perfectly sums up how I feel about that video. Thank you for making
    this, Grace. You are an excellent comedian and an even better human being.

  2. TracyLynnCruz says:

    I really didn’t like how she made me feel like I would never be capable of
    being happy unless I was skinny. I guess the insecurities were magnified
    when she said that my weight could hurt others. I am usually strong and I
    love the weight I’m at but I hate myself for feeling that I wasn’t enough,
    even if it was just for one moment…

  3. Abbey Cooper says:

    Having struggled with my weight since I was 2 years old, I can say that I
    feel attacked. Nicole pointed out in her video that if a person was
    overweight because of a medical issue, that it wasn’t directed towards
    those people. Since my parents divorced when I was 2, I have eaten out of
    stress and then come to find out I have a medical disorder that attacks my
    thyroid glands. I still felt as if she were aiming the video at me because
    of the way she put her words. She was mocking those who had eating
    disorders, who have medical problems, and those who are comfortable with
    what they’re doing with their life and then to make it worse, was telling
    people to stop eating all together— CONDONING AN EATING DISORDER WHICH
    LEADS TO SUICIDE. No one was physically hurting or disturbing her yet she
    felt the need to socially attack heavier people. In my opinion, she is an
    ignorant girl who has problems that need to be solved and her having a
    social media base isn’t helping her in the slightest…

  4. Wilde Kylee says:

    I never knew what to think of Grace; she never quite tripped my trigger.
    Not saying she was bad or not funny, she just didn’t gain my attention like
    other Youtubers. However, I have to applaud her for taking the time and the
    courage to make this video. She took hold of her responsibility as a public
    figure and did an excellent job with it.

  5. Amanda Smith says:

    Very well said, Grace. Thank-you.

  6. Keikousaba says:

    Someone tag that hoe!

  7. E- Ray says:

    God, thank you Grace. Thank you for stepping out and putting yourself and
    emotions at risk to stand up for other humans. Love you. <3

  8. efunfilms says:

    I agree completely agree, Grace. I haven’t seen the video but it sounds
    like she’s basically saying “You’re not valued as a human being because of
    the way you look and I don’t like the fact that your body is a certain way.
    So stop being like that. It’s make us all feel comfortable because we don’t
    enjoy your physical appearance.” What’s worse is to put that on the
    internet, which is such a vast place, because so many people could see it
    and get hurt. It doesn’t even seem like she cares about the possibilities
    of her causing some people to feel actual pain and have body image and self
    worth issues, which is horrible. It seemed almost like a joke to her that
    she was bashing these people to boost her self up. I could tell how much
    this meant to you because you seemed very upset. This is an important issue
    I feel and I really feel like it should be talked about more. Thank you for
    starting the discussion here. <3

  9. Cherie Taylor says:

    This is a case of person with demons trying to outrun them by laughing at
    the demons of others. Deeply unhappy person.

  10. Nieger Mo says:

    Guys, should I subscribe?

  11. becca s says:

    i hate nicole arbour so much. her whole “comedic” act is based off of
    upsetting people and spazzing out.

  12. ArtisticApple says:

    Ever since i saw her video, i just had this little ball, of hate and anger,
    and hurt coiled up inside. Because she’s extremely judgemental, by thinking
    people choose to be obese. I know people that are fine and comfortable,
    being the size they are, even if a tad obese. And i know people, myself
    included, fighting and mental and physical battle to loose weight. My
    friends and family support me in this, they help me. What she’s doing has
    the opposite effect.

    But it’s nice to see someone speaking up about it like this. Because her
    comments are mean.. and pretty damn hurtful and hateful. I love comedy and
    comedians. but that was in no way funny, and probably never will be.

  13. Jess Root says:

    Grace Helbig …. This is why you are so amazing. This is why you are
    respected and liked. I am proud to be a subscriber to all of your social
    media because you are simply amazing. You truly care and grace, you make a
    difference. thank you :)

  14. Emily Baldino says:

    Thank you Grace. This means a lot to a lot of people.

  15. chrisfaithalin says:

    Thank you! I watched that video out of curiosity, not thinking it would
    impact me. But the. I watched it and I had just never heard something so
    mean pointed towards me and I felt like I was being personally attacked in
    that video. I wanted to respond to her, but with comments being disabled
    and her probably getting a flood of responses I felt like my voice was
    taken away. You gave voice to my thoughts and feelings from the video. I
    can’t thank you enough for that.

  16. Brigid Milthorpe says:

    Grace, I’ve seen your adds on the subway and stuff but never thought of
    looking you up. I watched this video when I found out about the other
    video, and I thought it made so much sense and you said it so well that I’d
    subscribe. So thank you for being different from a lot of other you tubers
    and politely explaining your points in proper understandable ways. You made
    some really good points.

  17. Dakini Ramses says:

    I fucking LOVED that fat shaming video. Everything she said was true. It
    was truthful and great.

  18. jman2587 says:

    stupid fucking whore fat people should be fucking put down

  19. Annie Weckert says:

    I really want to thank you Grace for expressing your thoughts and feelings
    regarding the video as I related to them hugely when I was watching.

  20. Whitefright says:

    Your eyes are un-even O_o