open world games

open world games

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56 Responses

  1. Ben Pulham says:

    That game looks awesome cause you get to wear a my hero academia shirt the whole time

  2. Jedi Flash says:

    Damn what commitment you actually went outside

  3. Rui Filipe Pinho says:

    The elder scrolls series in a nutshell.

  4. Waynimations says:

    The stamina bar freaking killed me

  5. Your Boy Roy says:

    Oh boy, open world game!
    “Hey, tutorial time!”
    *5.5 hours later*
    Okay, now what do I do?
    “Figure it out yourself, see ya later!”

  6. elevate07 says:

    But where are the eight billion waypoints telling you where to go? In the other eight million pointing out all of the caterpillars in the area?

  7. Fireblaze 50 says:

    This sort of resembles Breath of the Wild. Also did anyone else notice that he actually made a cover about his made up story he uses in some of his skits? The Quest for Prince Horace is the title I’m pretty sure. Can’t believe you actually edited it to have the Xbox 360 logo on it to make it look like a real game with 3 different versions of your face on it XD

    • Fireblaze 50 says:

      +PauLtus B Definetly not me, but I know people. Mostly people who stream and and have never played the game. Or people that have never even heard of Zelda and try it for the first time

    • PauLtus B says:

      +Fireblaze 50
      I really love moving around in Breath of the Wild, it’s pretty much just climbing and floating though, I’ve had the issue of just having to press forward for long stretches of time with a lot of open world games but Breath of the Wild is NOT one of them.

  8. As Dra says:

    Is that a copy of “The Quest for Prince Horace”? Where did you found it?

  9. Kai_73 says:


    After playing a million remasters

  10. Bryce Mckenzie says:

    Isn’t Fallout 76 Amazing!

    • Incognito_Blazer says:

      Also, I have a very strong feeling Bethesda will add NPCs into the game anyway. Since they want to keep the game alive, and the community is begging for much needed human (and non human) NPCs that you can talk to and trade with and fight against etc., so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re already working on it and will patch it into the game soon. Or they’ll increase player count but either way will make it more interesting

    • Timothy Nguoi says:

      So here’s the new fallout idea guys
      We make the fallout game
      Without fallout

  11. Jim L.Stone says:

    What you should’ve done at the end was slowly pan to the left and show the starting point was like 10 feet away

  12. Cyril Gigee says:

    I just started a new playthrough of Skyrim so this is relatable AF.

  13. SoniasWay says:

    When I try to be an outdoorsy kinda person.

  14. linux750 says:

    The worst “feature” of some open-world games is their _intentional_ lack of or exclusion of *_vehicles_*

    So you mean to tell me this amazing world I can explore has weapons that can obliterate my opponents within fractions of a second, but I myself can’t move faster than an senior citizen using a crosswalk?

    Bogus logic there.

  15. Closet Otaku says:

    I think by this point, no one really remembers Commander Fistfight

  16. SushiFairy says:

    Accurate portrayal of how fast I run out of stamina irl ?

  17. Some nigger guy says:

    0:35 *[Achievement obtained: Fortune Stone]*
    Find 2 dollars under a rock! 25 pts.

  18. It's Complicated says:

    You’re one of the luckiest people ever to make the switch from Vine to YouTube and still somehow get noticed.

  19. Nibbles McMeow says:

    I thought you had to be a member of the Nintendo partner program to upload Breath of the Wild footage.

  20. Q9teen says:

    The sweats looks real
    Do we die of exhaustion from this game? Or maybe dehydration?

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