Opening a Halloween Crate Preview

Opening a Halloween Crate Preview

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20 Responses

  1. iSkybase says:

    when will it be out

  2. Chaotic Zaros says:

    Nice you got no skins only 1 Halloween related item.

  3. Andrew M says:

    Do we get an Eichenwalde at night map toooo????

  4. Kit Kat says:

    Can’t wait much longer T^T

  5. boyofcrourage says:

    so the update was today?

  6. GregGO says:

    no sombra?

  7. 김민영 says:

    It could be buy credit? plz blizz

  8. Mr.KarmaticArrow says:


  9. Yuki Yuhi says:

    I will spend so much trying to get witch Mercy.

  10. dw4zemi3 says:

    well im going broke soon

  11. XaKeR says:

    50M8R4 HYP3

  12. Dr. Junkenstein says:

    how did u get this?

  13. Corrderio says:

    I foresee a sea of salt on the official forms.

  14. Sonic Kutter says:

    and no skin! what a surprise !

  15. Joro Jocz says:

    This is fake, 3 blues in 1 box.

  16. The Legendary Beta says:

    Unless these guys say something, we still don’t know if shit can bought
    with credits this time. It didn’t say the items were exclusive to the boxes
    like it did last time and if you CAN buy these items, it’ll probably be
    double the price of normal cosmetics.

  17. my wife left me says:

    I want Reinhardt or Reaper

  18. AGB Gaming says:

    LOL @ that TRIPLE FUCKING DUPLICATE and one player icon. It frustrates me
    so much that duplicates are a thing. So underwhelming, 5 coins for a
    duplicate spray?? wtf is that shit

  19. Dustin Hutchinson says:

    The free box they give you did this too me. Two voiceline duplicates and a
    pharah skin duplicate, with some Symmetra Moon spray (I don’t like sym
    lol). So yeah, I feel your pain. My next two boxes havent been much better.
    One victory pose and all sprays

  20. NEONProductions says:

    What is this and how is it trending on YouTube?