Oprah Can Make Anyone Cry, Including James

Oprah Can Make Anyone Cry, Including James

James welcomes the cast of “A Wrinkle in Time” to his show and learns right away that Oprah Winfrey does possess the ability to make anyone cry when she feels it necessary.

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76 Responses

  1. Clairee Simmer YT says:


  2. I Write A Song A Day says:

    My new favorite villain superpower: making people cry muahaha

    • Brian Shortridge says:

      They still like us hitting on them at the club…not with the club but still very close in my opinion. I thought the phone/shoes thing would throw them off for a little longer but damn if they are not sly.

    • CorJesus Christ says:

      *Oprah believes there is many ways to God. So you can believe in any religion, your barbies or whatever you want and God will accept you just like you are. WOW! Oprah believes she is a god and accepts anyone so she can add BILLIONS more to her net worth and she doesn’t give it to the poor, but act likes she loves them and all of us and anyone. She is like a prostitute in disguise.*

    • Honorable Catsmeat says:

      Trump can make people laugh. No matter what. Like I laughed so hard when he made fun of that cripple from the failing new york times, “You should see that guy now — OH I DONT KNOW WHAT I SAID, I DONT REMEMBERR” LOL Now that’s a superpower! Make people smile and you can take anything from them, you can do anything

    • cc0952 lzr says:

      Ron Burgundy ?

  3. moonwalkingthroughlife says:

    I started crying too lol

  4. Aaron Posey says:

    I love both James Corden and Oprah! He’s so sweet! And I’m pretty sure that just meeting Oprah in person is enough to make someone cry. If that doesn’t do it, then hearing her voice probably will!

  5. matt & LDN says:

    I really thought James gonna do one of his fake cries but he actually got very emotional. Oprah definitely have a superpowers

  6. Ange Waters says:

    She can and she will
    Oprah, the all powerful.
    Lol. So good.

  7. fun time says:

    Come to Africa and you’ll cry immediately

    • Marianne Zito says:

      fun time Yeah, you know why? It’s because you can’t actually refute fact. Again, what corporations do you own? Where is this source of power you speak of? You’re COMPLETELY dependent of other races. You all work for white ppl and when you get money you give it back to white ppl. You don’t even own the businesses in your run down, littered up, drug infested hoods. Koreans and Middle Easterners do. You’re a poor worthless group who only makes up 13% of the country but yet there’s just enough of you to ruin it for everyone else. No one wants to live by you and that’s not just whites. That goes for Asians, Hispanics, Middle Easterners. You’re unevolved halfwit fatherless animals.

    • Marianne Zito says:

      Mandalore the Hunter No one wants to be united with you shit stained disgraces to humanity. That’s the difference between your kind and us. We want nothing to do with you at all. We have no need to go into your low income trash neighborhoods for anything. We never want to move into an area where negroes live. It’s a step down for us. But, you negroes LOVE to come into our communities and you save your money to try and move into a white neighborhood because your own kind has destroyed where you live. It’s a big step up from living in the ghetto isn’t it? Your kind will never be regarded as humans in my eyes nor in the rest of the world’s eyes. You’re halfwit fatherless trash.

    • fun time says:

      Marianne Zito I really feel sorry for you, you need help, your comment even didn’t bothered me cuz you’re not a human 😂😂😂😂😂 even the devil is better than you😈😈😂😂😂😂

    • Marianne Zito says:

      fun time You can’t refute it. You don’t have the common sense but it doesn’t matter because what I say is fact. Again. Tell me where the power is..Tell me who your father is.. You ever seen him before? lol need help..The whole country hates you trolls.

    • fun time says:

      Marianne Zito is not that I don’t have a common sense, I only talk with real humans , cuz the only thing I’m sure about it that you’re unsecure hater ,,I’m happy with my life in my shithole country unlike you 😎😎😎😎

  8. Alvin Williston-Davis says:

    Destroyed in 20 seconds, the woman is a legit xman.

  9. Yan Tse says:

    Conspiracy confirmed: Oprah carries onions around her and crush them in moments like this to make you cry.

  10. kim06sweet says:

    Reese looks so good for her age! And that HAIR is glorious ❤

  11. Yadira Laguerre says:

    If people took more time to be in tune with one another, we’d all be crying all the time. Oprah tunes in. Human beings all have that power.

  12. J osi says:

    One of the most adorable things I’ve seen in a while! The love to your children is so great <3

  13. corrgall says:

    Why did I start tearing up!? I don’t even have kids to have dreams for 🙄

  14. CoconutHead Productions says:

    Still can’t believe that Josh ran her over with a car

  15. Monkeywithagunn says:

    I have the ability to make girls cry.
    Normally on a first date when I arrive.

  16. MsAepfelchen says:

    Oh great I don’t think I have ever cried watching James Corden but now that happened…

  17. Windex from the 1990s says:

    She needs to be the President. A president who can make people weep for the good. For people to stop doing wicked ways. For people to forgive and move on in life. She would make the world weep and do better. Oprah, you must run for office

  18. Cast Iron Cooking says:

    Who else cried when James cried?

  19. Myrilia says:

    Oh my god she went straight for his kids 😭

    • Yan Tse says:

      Oprah: What I have is a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.

      and Meryl Streep is just crying non stop, saying, Oprah I can’t do this any more, I have a movie to shoot and I need my makeup!!!

    • Misaki Asai says:


      Those aren’t his kids.

      He has no testicles.

  20. GTR Wendy says:

    Tell him his diet starts today and anyone can make him cry

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