Oprah — T.I.’s Not Down For a Female Prez? Child Please!!!

Oprah — T.I.’s Not Down For a Female Prez? Child Please!!!

Oprah Winfrey can’t believe T.I. said women aren’t fit to be President of the United States — which he did — but she’s got a quick lesson for him on politics.

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20 Responses

  1. Mister .Adidas says:

    didnt know she was left handed

  2. Jayvon says:

    That chump was getting a little testy…

  3. Musaed Alotaibi says:

    She’s so friendly

  4. Verry Nice says:

    Sorry for the inconvenience sir our waiter messed up with the order fuckin
    punk you want an autograph shut the fuckup and behave stupid ass

  5. Brian Erwin says:

    i’d fasho vote for oprah for president

  6. Princess Rodriquez says:

    She. Seems cool

  7. Princess Rodriquez says:

    She. Seems cool

  8. Amanda Murphy says:

    Man their are some rude ass “fans” of Operas, I heard so much complaining
    in the background it was amazing how she just put up with the rudeness and
    just kept signing autographs.

  9. Miguel 桐嶋 (Miggy) says:

    ew that guy. If i was her i wouldn’t even acknowledge him

  10. Elly “Kindred Zombie” Hamilton says:

    love you Oprah your my favorite American celebrity and you should run for
    president you would sort America out

  11. Calvin Rhodes says:

    Fuck Oprah.. What has she really done Chicago?

  12. LaazrGaming says:

    *T.I Just saying what ALOT Of these so-called “Celebs” Think!*

  13. Chalkbalone says:

    She first say’s “Nobody said that” then later when the bloke said “he
    apologised” she said “I know” so if she knew someone had apologised for a
    statement why did she say nobody said that?

  14. SGT Alchemy says:

    i would be glad to have a woman president…..just not Hillary

  15. Tim Unwise says:

    Oprah being oppressed by those evil whites again, when will her struggle

  16. Yoo TooBee says:

    *HAHA* guys did you all know its possible to cheat over your luck?
    I mean seriously go watch this video method here: y2u.be/H8hr6UN9VtA

    so far made over *$4300* extra this week *XD*

  17. Jaye Kidd says:

    I Love how she’s so nice to her fans, so calm & no ones attacking her or
    going all crazy.

  18. ashley0825288 says:

    Don’t some of these people get autographs then sell it on eBay? Smh

  19. Lara says:

    I’m cringing how the peasants are just standing there with their pics out
    like they are begging!

  20. Samrawit ethio says:

    “this three right here ” I love that guy and I hope the autographs got