Oprah Winfrey – 2018 Golden Globes – Full Backstage Speech

Oprah Winfrey – 2018 Golden Globes – Full Backstage Speech

Oprah Winfrey was honored with the Cecil B Demillle Award at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards for her contributions to the entertainment industry.

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70 Responses

  1. Whee Jones says:

    Who else just LOVES Oprah? She’s smart, sophisticated, influential, & INSPIRATIONAL! A great lady!

  2. colour dragon says:

    i feel very proud of Oprah, and im not even american. She is a very very talented woman, she is just someone who knows how to tell stories, stories with truth. A woman who has built a empire, and built herself. JUST INCREDIBLE. Her spech was a suprem spech, a spech that has to be told.
    we, all has to change now, and if its not now, it will be tomorrow, but it will be.
    women and men are equal and together we will rise as one.

  3. Who CARES! says:

    Everybody on Hollywood, tv and musis industry are a bunch of hypocrites. The entertainment industry is a very dark place. They know that. All the people at the golden globes are acting.

  4. cobbiek says:

    GMA Philippines represent!

  5. Jen Hughes says:

    Does this woman not age?? Wow!

  6. Multiethnicgirl 6foot says:

    She looks Amazing dammmm

    • obama sucks says:

      Multiethnicgirl 6foot amazing for a 60 year old commie for sure. The power of cosmetic surgery right there.

    • Morning Dew says:

      obama sucks, go back into the dark hole you came from, or go find light and happiness. So much hate and pettiness you have.

    • obama sucks says:

      Morning Dew Where is this hate you speak of? I type the facts/opinions with a smirk and giggle. Don’t project your mental shortcomings onto me simply cause you happen to disagree with my opinion

    • obama sucks says:

      Morning Dew “dark hole” lmao. The only hole I recently emerged from was tight and light pink.

  7. sushieila sheagley says:

    What an amazing human being.

    • Horace Wimp says:

      Sushieila Shaggley, What’s amazing about her???? Has she performed Brain Surgery? Has she discovered a cure for all Cancers? Has she created World Peace? WHAT?? Don’t be so Fucking stupid, she doesn’t give a flying Fuck about anyone but herself FACT.

    • Crayon Crossing says:

      -Horace- Wimp she has donated tons and tons of money to charity, she has a very nice school set up somewhere in Africa I think, to help kids who otherwise would never get that education, she helped a lot of people with issues during the Oprah show, and regularly inspires people with her speaches and interviews. also are we gonna forget about the whole “you get a car!” thing?

    • Horace Wimp says:

      Crayon Crossing, So what, that doesn’t make her an amazing human being for fucks sake, since when will she miss a few Quid out of her Account make her Great.

    • aleksmusiko1 says:

      Not amazing but “wonderful human being like Harvey Weinstein” (Michelle Obama)

    • obama sucks says:

      an amazingly stupid and pampered millionaire cunt

  8. Pop Culture says:

    I wish they’d ask her some new questions…

    • Evolutionary Level Above says:

      There are no new questions.

    • Summersolstice2la says:

      I agree , there are so many new questions to ask her…

    • James Smythe says:

      …yes, the question should be : why is she wearing a new wig?

    • Hiccum Blurpaedius says:

      What do flies, fried chicken and panties have in common?

      Remove the panties and you remove the flies from the fried chicken

    • Flagontheplay Tv says:

      Pop Culture reaction on my page reaction on my page reaction on my page reaction on my page reaction on my page reaction on my page reaction on my page reaction on my page reaction on my page reaction on my page reaction on my page reaction on my page reaction on my page reaction on my page reaction on my page reaction on my page reaction on my page reaction on my page

  9. Prankishsquire says:

    Very special woman, she. #timesup

  10. Ileena Belle says:

    Thank you for your Inspiration

  11. W says:

    I like Oprah. But when is an Asian or Latino gunna win a Hollywood award!?

  12. Tess Goodman says:

    She is of another world. A truly inspirational woman who has managed to stay remarkably grounded.

    • mudslinger888 says:

      i think she is definitely of THIS world, what are you talking about, the tidbits of advice, she is one who can buy any experience she wants, and does, including her “spiritual growth” which is more pop culture tips she repeats from true sages..I feel the same how her friend Deepak Chopra has taken the materialistic path over the humble spiritual one which could’ve helped so many more out of suffering – personal empire building is seductive too. Do you know how many palatial estates Oprah owns? Wealth plays a huge part of this confidence and “groundedness” which imo would melt away in a second if she found herself homeless and hungry like many she ignores at the bottom. She is still an oligarch who has benefitted excessively from the corrupt system rather than trying to change it to be more just and fair for all, I don’t see her doing the things say Jimmy Carter has done to help the downtrodden directly, he imo is a much better example of walking the path of helping others more than yourself, she has consumed billion$$$ and loves the material world too much, I guess I am still waiting for a rich oligarch to come around to true spiritual work which is reflected in the works with the lowest amongst us, she does not care about the poor it seems. I like Oprah as an entertainer and mildly inspiring in repeating at least sage advice, but have watched her build her empire for her own use primarily – she is not a non-profit type obviously. Until she endorses a non-corporatist for potus – over simply any female like Hillary who is a total corporate shill who has harmed this country immensely and screwed the working class over horribly to affect generations – she is imo a good speaker and entertainer with some regurgitated sage tips but does not walk her talk with inequality, human rights or social justice, she would be a wreck if she lost her wealth, comfort and luxury goods have been her primary goal from the looks of it to me..

    • Tess Goodman says:

      You make some very valid points, especially regarding the confidence that wealth has brought her. We don’t really know what she’s done for others or how much she gives away of her fortune, so I can’t speak to that – not all entertainers broadcast it every time they do something good. I do agree with you that it’s very easy for the rich and successful to shield themselves from the varied experiences the rest of us are subject to. As for Chopra, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, those may be the very people she alluded to when she quoted Angelou, “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.” Not even Oprah is immune to charlatans. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  13. Tyquan Knight says:

    How anyone could be negative after a speech like that is mind blowing!!!!

  14. prissview says:

    she is just throwing jewels here and there at this point. My night/morning/year just started so right! thanks for sharing

  15. courknob says:

    A living legend

  16. Stacie Hebert says:

    69 Sexual Predators gave this a thumbs-down #TimesUP

    • Sachs Gold says:

      187 truth seekers gave this a thumbs down. there is a difference between sexual predators and whores sucking dick in order to get a role. these whores are the reason women like myself cant get acting roles in Hollywood.

    • cory smith says:

      lol don’t worry stacey is in a minority she’s in a dream world, has no purpose in life so hates one men to make herself feel better, . Good thing Jordan Peterson, Stefan Moylenux, Paul Josef Watson, and so many others are the new media. the ‘patriarchy’ has positive protective elements and tyrannical

    • DayTripper says:

      Damn this comment section is full of crazies lol

    • obama sucks says:

      Oprah Winfrey is Harvey Weinsteins prostitot locator and pimp.

  17. The Earl of Everything says:

    I hope people actually listen to what Oprah says here not try to judge the person who said it. There is a lot of wisdom packed in this little 10 minute clip.

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