Oprah Winfrey on her bombshell Harry and Meghan interview

Oprah Winfrey on her bombshell Harry and Meghan interview

Oprah Winfrey joined “CBS This Morning” the day after her wide-ranging interview with Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex aired on CBS. Winfrey is reacting to some of the most explosive moments of the interview, and what she learned from the couple.

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93 Responses

  1. YStudio says:

    YouTube is getting too comfortable with the extra double adverts😩

  2. jackie g says:

    The most important question is about his uncle & Jeffrey Epstein!!!!!!!

    • GW GW says:

      Meghan can say anything and these lemmings will believe it. Like they believed every lie Jussie Smollett told without questioning it. Some people want the lies to be true to push their own cause

    • Yoshipow says:

      I want to know about Oprah and the sketchy Harvey Weinstein photos.

    • Monia Fitzgerald says:

      @Mtthyman Are you talking about the Queen killed Princess Diana?

    • Monia Fitzgerald says:

      @Mtthyman Comedian Paul Mooney said in his stand up that the Queen killed Princess Diana

  3. Akosua Boahemaa says:

    I thought it would be Philip but now It must be Charles. He leant nothing from the Diana issues.

    • J Mackey says:

      Issues he caused.

    • J Mackey says:

      Diana faced depression, suicide attempts, and racial slurs while dating Dodi and death. People loved her because she had a heart of gold and showed the royals her boys were more than the heir and a spare. They treated Diana ghastly. Diana was the best press the royals had. Her love of people, the willingness to touch those with aids, starvation, literally dying while Charles and the rest lived very privileged lives was appalling.

    • mcc says:

      @mr democracy lol the royal family has bots?

    • Di LA says:

      @Amanda Carbajal I think so too. Charles or Williams?

    • lanethelame says:

      Honey Charles is incapable of learning anything, nor does he want to 😂

  4. baruyroy says:

    Of course the queen is the head of state, the head of the church, and the head of the commonwealth nations. It’s not like talking to grandma.

  5. Pang-Ngia Vang says:

    History and movies showed us that advisors to any royal families is not needed! Fire all your advisorsssssssssssss or you will be just a puppet for their amusement.

  6. Esther buchner says:

    bully allegation now, because of interview of Oprah comeing up. what about prince Adrew sexual scandal

  7. Charly In Charge says:

    People act like they don’t understand privacy. Let someone go into your bedroom without permission or read your diary…or spread a lie about you, then play dumb and act like you don’t get the need for privacy and the truth.

    • Anon Ymous says:

      @M. L. Yeah I got it buddy. 😉

    • Anon Ymous says:

      @M. L. LOL! 😉

    • Anon Ymous says:

      @V C Yeah just read it again, my bad. It’s hard keeping up with all the hate, as you can see I’ve been rather busy today. Apologies. 😉

    • Gyata says:

      @YouAgn3 If that’s what you think with all the security stuff, you ignored or didn’t watch the interview 🤫

    • M. L. says:

      @Anon Ymous I will coin a new term. “Rosenecking” to be used when a group conversation is taking place and somebody or a third party tries to censor what is being discussed.

      “That person is ‘rosenecking’ some of the other debate candidates that are debating their position on the topic being discussed at hand”

      “He was rosenecked”

  8. HENRY Bean says:

    Waoo finally we’ve got the opportunity to offload our comments, I see for some reason all the comments section has been turned off on almost all the videos about this interview.

    • Diana Burnett says:

      They dont want to deal with all the people’s negative comments on this sham!!! RACE BAITING 101.

    • Yung Daz says:

      Omg for real they do that on a lot of controversial videos it really irks me what about you original commenter

    • Yung Daz says:

      @Diana Burnett you have no idea the reason they did it you’re making up an assumption show me proof that that’s why they did it if not please stop making assumptions

  9. nessabirdie says:

    So I guess the movie “What a Girl Wants” with Amanda Bynes had some truth to it …

  10. Max says:

    Anytime you have an outside source trying to control the dynamics of your family it can never be good.

    • Donelle Furline says:

      @OpenPinkFlower What youre saying was not the point of the interview its not about changing the royal family it’s about how they have treated her and her child. How is it her fault the family removed security and protections for Archie before he was born which had put them at risk? How is it her fault that the royal family knowingly took away all of Harry’s money and they were forced to live with celebrities and their newborn? Even if they hate Meghan they shouldn’t also take their anger out on the baby too.

      And its funny how you ignored the royal families comments on the babies skin color and the royal family conveniently claiming Meghan bullied staff THREE YEARS AGO days before the interview. Don’t criticize Meghan without holding the royal family accountable too. Also wtf do you know about Meghan and Harry’s relationship?! Bashing someones relationship does not prove or add to your point AND ME, YOU, and OTHERS don’t know SHXT about her and her fathers relationship so fix yourself.

    • roya george says:

      Agree 👍

    • OpenPinkFlower says:

      @Donelle Furline your comment only reveals how utterly IGNORANT and low life you are.

    • Donelle Furline says:

      @OpenPinkFlower IGNORANT?! For pointing out the flaws of the royal family?! I’m ignorant for pointing out the royal families disregard for Archie?! No that is called CRITICISM which is exactly what you just did to Megan EXCEPT I actually came with facts

  11. helen donohoe says:

    Prince Andrew needs to be questioned now

  12. Brenda McNeese says:

    Princess Diana and Fergie referred to “The Firm” and “The Institution” as “The Grey Men.” The men in the grey suits. It is time that the grey men learn that they are working for the monarchy, not the other way around. Each senior royal has their own set of “grey men” and they are all out for themselves or their member of the royal family. These are the people who leak the horrible stories and keep the British tabloids churned up. These are the people who need to go. With the death of Queen Elizabeth, Britain should clamor to end the monarchy. The “grey men” should all have to get real jobs. I was unsure how I would feel about these two young people. After watching the interview I think Diana would be sad that it came to this; but I also think she would be very proud of her son and his wife and their family.

    • Red Dwarf says:

      @Randy Ross Aliens, dude! I was thinking the same from the OP’s comment!

    • karl partridge says:

      Who is scarier ? The men in grey suits in England or the men in black in Hollywood ?

    • Randy Ross says:

      @Red Dwarf you know Harry visited mee cousin the Chief of Ross, Barron Ross of Ross over in Easter Ross in Ross-shire and or Ross County technically stile the Earldom of Ross, best Title still up for Grabs! I may know far more than you think mee boi!

    • Randy Ross says:

      @Red Dwarf he got an American Wife and Got Out, maybe much more is going on here, and he seems to be alluding to allot, like the “Institution” controls the Royal Family, and not the Royal Family!


      She would have been! She hated those people with her guts!

  13. Tania C says:

    Only one winner in all of this, and that’s Oprah.

  14. Jackie says:

    I remember when the tabloids ran stories about Prince Charles being disappointed that Prince Harry was born with red hair. Gee, I wonder who is worried about whether the child’s skin color will be too dark? hmmm

    • Driftwannabe 10 says:

      @Janet Rogers google James Hewitt and tell me what you think ☺️

    • Sandra Crosse says:

      @Tamala Graham
      Oh i dpn’t know… Maybe a GaZillion dollars for HER interpretation of the truth!
      She is a soap ‘actress’ after all

    • Maryann Millsaps says:

      @VESNA SHABINAW It wasn’t nobody but Charles!

    • Dorine Mckenzie-samuda says:

      @VESNA SHABINAW really?

    • Tamala Graham says:

      @Sandra Crosse Yes , she is “soap opera” actress. So , yes she was employed. But guest what ? Harry liked it. As of matter of fact he loved it. That is why he “married” her. And let’s not forget Katie is a “commoner”. No royal blood running through her veins.

  15. lillian arellano says:

    I’m sorry but Harry’s uncle has brought more shame temples of the boys could ever possibly begin to bring in multiple lifetimes🤦🏻‍♀️

    • bemotivated says:

      Everyone always says that Epstein was part of the CIA but I think it’s more likely he was part of the Mossad(Israel’s intelligence agency) given the fact that him and his girlfriend were both Jewish

  16. Jimothy Tames says:

    The timing of the “bullying” investigation and the total lack of a prince Andrew investigation really is all you need to know about how conniving the palace is.

    • norma desmond says:

      For the Queen her position and everything that comes along with that comes first. That is her what she is supposed to do and she has been doing that for almost 70 years. She had to do that to her sister, she had to do that with her son Charles when his marriage with Diana was going crazy, she has to do that now with her grandson Harry and Meghan. That’s the way it is like beeing the Queen of England. It is just a fact.

    • Jimothy Tames says:

      @Hannah Enfield despite a statement saying he would help any investigation, Andrew has actually totally denied helping the authorities and will not speak with them. The palace issued a statement that the allegations are “categorically untrue” so seems like they made their own mind up… The the point of my original comment, however, was not about what should be happening with Andrew, but instead to highlight how eager they are to defend a potential predator…. yet will not say a word to defend Meghan against vicious headlines that paint her as an evil monster. That’s the point

    • Jimothy Tames says:

      @Hannah Enfield the bullying claims were allegedly filed back in 2018. They just now are investigating. Coincidental?

    • Wendy Ramsey says:

      @Markay M They may very well of investigated it, we don’t know what they did in the background. All I am pointing out is that is a criminal investigation and the bullying claims are an HR investigation and the reasons this has recently come to light. I totally think Meghan has been treated appallingly by the British Press, they do this to a lot of people who enter into the royal family and the fact that there were racial undertones is frankly disgusting

    • JudgeJulieLit says:

      @RT More so, being one.

  17. Madda Lena says:

    It’s also important that we keep Andrews indiscretions alive in the media.

  18. MC Blakemore says:

    Anyone who supports tabloid journalism should be ashamed.

    • karl partridge says:

      In other words the English speaking world

    • Herman Lane says:

      So true – and that would be the mass – People act like its not them – I won’t guy them but I have looked at them. When I was younger I was stupid enough to be interested – but now that I am older I see the trash for what they are. But people love to watch public executions – sooooooooo

    • Fritz Feuer says:

      Which isn’t what Oprah is engaging in?

    • WWEE Network-Wellness says:

      Their intention was to set the record straight….and that they did. Whoever liked it…believed it…or agreed with it…it is what it is. ..historically….These people behind the crown…will eat their own like cannibals….you all must have never took a history class…???

  19. Marnie Friedman says:

    Prince Charles and “the third wheel, Camille” would be my guess.

  20. ccie4101 says:

    Oprah should also interview her best friend, the honorable Harvey Weinstein.

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