Oprah Winfrey on Running for President & Trump

Oprah Winfrey on Running for President & Trump

Oprah talks about her relationship with Donald Trump, her feelings on his insulting tweet about her, and she explains how all of the rumors about her running for president started, and reveals whether or not she will run.

Jimmy Kimmel on Florida Shooting Survivors Being Called Fake News https://youtu.be/x3ch1ajtwbc

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Oprah Winfrey on Running for President & Trump

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80 Responses

  1. Imad Sb says:

    LeBron James for president

  2. LiverSpottedHunk says:

    Yes! Lets replace the old, reality show star billionare from office and replace him with… an old, reality show star billionaire… wait.


    If Oprah can be President EVERYONE can be President!! #FromRagsToRiches

  4. loch ness says:

    ” make America get free cars again”

  5. Phil OConnor says:

    Why the hell is America obsessed with having people with no political acumen or experience run their country. It seems if your liked and good at sitting on a chair talking to people you will be awesome as being president…..

    Oh and extra points if you happen to be black as well, as we all know being black makes you naturally awesome at politics and government….. Weird place.

    • Shakur Wright says:

      Rami Hamzeh if Oprah was to run we already know she would win. She is one of the most know and RESPECTED women in this country. I’m glad she isn’t tho because she’s already powerful enough the presidency would just be extra cherries on top.

    • Ruben Avalos says:

      Phil OConnor Why do people act like being a politician is an intellectual profession akin to hard science? Is experience required, not necessarily but it is a good thing. Policy making anyone can do, and leading is either a natural ability or one learns as they go along if they’re to get far in leading. The whole concept of a republic is to elect officials from the private sector to lead and make laws. Granted knowing the law helps, but politics is just manipulating and compromising. That’s a skill anyone may have. So in truth experience is preferable but let’s not kid ourselves that playing at politics is something only a select few are capable of, anyone can politic.

    • Regina Wilson says:

      Phil OConnor how does a person’s skin color make it better? I feel stupid even asking this question because I’m sure the answer will be just as dumb as your comment.smh!

  6. Rikitikisiki says:

    First step to fix all of your problems: Don’t elect politically inexperienced people to be the most powerful person in the world. I’m so glad Oprah is smart enough to say no.

    • Nate Dixon says:

      Lol.. Most powerful person in the world. Thats funny. He’s not even the most powerful person in the country.

    • fatboyRAY24 says:

      Lmao, as if these puppet politicians are any better. Experienced or not, we need someone with initiative and no hidden agenda.

    • JCGrantatAC says:

      Rikitikisiki: You’re poorly informed. The Trump Organization is an international conglomerate with 568 subsidiaries, only one of which had been in and out of Chapter 11 reorganization four times. That’s an amazing track record that no other company on Earth can claim.

      “Political experience”? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard in some time. The President, under Article II, is the Chief Executive of the nation. The president needs executive experience. President Trump has more of that than all 44 presidents before him combined. Political experience is knowing where committee rooms are located and how many days the President has to veto legislation. A president can hire a bunch of 27 year olds for $50,000 to track those things.

  7. Highland Chicken says:

    Pls no
    no more celebrity presidents

  8. Saww Ponahlo says:

    Oprah Winfrey vs Dwayne Johnson would be a hard choice….

  9. Muhammad Abed says:

    Thank God Oprah has common sense!

    • z says:

      Muhammad Abed She’s not even considered black anymore .
      She’s actually a wealthy white woman inside.

    • Shakur Wright says:

      z Let me guess you voted for trump? 😂😂😂

    • Shakur Wright says:

      bobby bousche’ You hate her because she’s better than trump in every?

    • z says:

      Shakur Wright Does it matter? lol!!!!!

    • Muhammad Abed says:

      bobby bousche’ bobby bousche’ Does the God I choose to thank have anything to do with my comment? 😂 Seriously, though, does it? (I don’t intend to be rude but I don’t understand why you asked the question).

      I believe in the one God – Allah. That’s it. I don’t really like religion debates (especially online), but if you’re interested in Islam, there are people like Sheikh Yasir Qadi, Mufti Ismael Mink, Sheikh Omam Sulieman and Nouman Ali Akhn, people whom I personally find trusty worthy, and they have many videos online regarding Islamic topics. Just Google them.

      Anyways, she may be – maybe, I don’t know – what you call you her to be, but at least she has the brains to know she’s not fit to be president. Hope Dwayne Johnson follows her lead…

  10. MrPrice2u says:

    The last thing you need are Celebrity Politicians! You are obsessed with that concept. Celebrities are your monarchy. BEING POPULAR DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE COMPETENT!

  11. Meike Marxen says:

    Trump is absolutely afraid of Oprah, because she´s real, and he´s fake.

  12. jeco F says:

    Let’s get this over with and put Terry Crews in the white house

  13. Grace Dowez says:

    Michelle Obama instead 😉

  14. sexy korean girl says:

    oprah is like a double d? woah

  15. XxHarounXx says:

    I’d rather have Trump

  16. Christopher Smith says:

    Like she could beat Trump!!!
    HAHA OMG..

    • Michael Weston says:

      i’m a Republican and i didn’t vote for either Trump or Clinton. after seeing how spineless the GOP has been over the past year and their inability to get hardly anything meaningful done with control of the House, Senate, and WH, i don’t know why people wouldn’t want to jump ship. i’ve never been so embarrassed of my party.

    • Daniel A says:

      Michael Weston must not be a real republican then lol

    • Daniel A says:

      Michael Weston I find myself in the middle, but now with social justice warriors and stuff it’s really hard to lean left.

    • Michael Weston says:

      @Daniel A well i have a college degree and know how to use Google, so maybe i’m not a real Republican

    • Daniel A says:

      Michael Weston ya it was a joke

  17. Rafa YouTube says:

    Bill gates now Oprah next Carlos Slim

  18. Anastasia Fine says:

    I hope the 1% that see this remember to always keep following their dreams. Never give up, Anything is possible!!! Mine is to be a successful YouTuber! ❤️ (which is really hard nowadays, anyways I’m always looking to support other youtubers!!) 💞🤗✨

  19. AWSOMUS PRIME says:

    Dr. Phil for president….👍😲

  20. B.M Undercover says:

    Oprah running for president…

    *Just no*

    (I’m so glad that she’s not going to be our next president) #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

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