Oprah With Meghan And Harry First Look | “It Has Been Unbelievably Tough”

Oprah With Meghan And Harry First Look | “It Has Been Unbelievably Tough”

In a preview of Oprah with Meghan And Harry: A Primetime Special, Prince Harry says “at least we had each other.”

Watch Oprah with Meghan And Harry: A Primetime Special on Sunday, Mar. 7 at 8/7c on CBS.

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56 Responses

  1. RedBirdTraveler says:

    He is the husband to his wife and father to his child that his father was not. Good for them.

  2. Ellcie's Brain says:

    Finally…. what happened from the people who are actually qualified to speak on their own experiences!

    • Jay West says:

      The general public doesn’t care about these two, we all know Meghan wants to be famous. People keep on mentioning race as the reason people don’t like Meghan, but she’s basically white passing (not like that really matters). Her main objective is to be famous.

    • PaigeAnn Forrest says:

      And tell all the lies they want to. Hopefully this will result in the loss of all titles and he will be removed from the line of succession.

    • sacre says:

      PaigeAnn I thinking he’s better off out of it. All the Firm have ever been good for in this country is tourism. That’s it.

    • Jay West says:

      @PaigeAnn Forrest Yep. It’s pissing me off that Meghan is basically getting a pass for what she’s doing because of her skin color. I originally defended her because I don’t like racial abuse, but after the wedding where she had all celebrities there and her subsequent behavior, I just want her to go away.

  3. Anastasija Zihareva says:

    Now when he’s not a member of royal family nobody’s checking the length and colour of his socks though 😔

  4. English Rose says:

    This is whinge fest poor me pity party number 3 now…. is everyone keeping up ? 😂

    • sacre says:

      Said the person who probably thinks being a belligerent bully is “telling it like it is” 🙄 fuck all the way off

  5. elif şeker says:

    At least we have each other.
    Harry’s sentence explains all of Diana’s heartbreaks.

    • k S says:

      @Lexie S good point! Megan is nothing like Diana they may have faced the same scrutiny and lack of privacy but Diana was and still is well loved by the people. Megan does not command that attention.

    • Lexie S says:

      @k SIKR everyone was giving me a hard time on my other comments so it’s so great to hear someone finally agrees 🙂

    • cerezal22 says:

      @sa brina thanks i can’t believe some People and experts dont want to hear HARRY. Lord he knows. The audacity.

    • Brandy Jensen says:

      @Lexie S Meghan got it worse, she suffered what Diana went through with racism added in to boot and they also attacked Archie as well! Sick, twisted, racist family and the press!!!! Harry saw what was happening and before they could dig their claws in any further he decided to protect his family and get out!!!!

    • Lexie S says:

      @Brandy Jensen Megan had nothing worse than Diana do your even know Diana god

  6. ce183 says:

    The Murdoch tabloid rags need to be cut down to size

  7. Joshua Walker says:

    If that’s not a dig at his father, I don’t know what is… I suspect things are going to be unearthed.

  8. elyrexo says:

    Is that James Corden lurking in the undergrowth?

  9. AlbanZap says:

    This is more of them being ‘out of the public eye’?

  10. BadgerBadgerful says:

    Seems that quite a few people in these comments can’t differentiate fiction (The Crown) and real life.

  11. Richard Jones says:

    I have no problem with prince harry participating in a interview, they only thing I object to is media outlet or should I say choice programme, the dramtic music the suspense, theres no dignity in it, for me American media adds far to much drama for what it is personally.

    • Leathley G says:

      They “americanise” it – drag out 20 mins into 2 hours by repeating stuff over and over. Like a form of brainwashing , they really, really WANT you to believe it !!!

    • hayden dee says:

      to be fair it is a trailer, its meant to strike a chord with the music and atmosphere! i’m pretty sure the actual interview won’t be as dramatic as the two previews

    • Leathley G says:

      @hayden dee To them 20 million viewers is 20 million viewers, whether they say “wow” or “that was a let down”, it doesn’t really matter.

  12. lasijfnai784zGHETTO says:

    Are they filming this in heaven?

  13. Sunil Lall says:

    Fuck the Tea give us a large caramel mocha coffee with two shots of espresso

  14. Amin Khan says:

    This is media, when they see something worked with the views everyone starts tackling it

  15. VintageXMoon says:

    Take you ticket here if you are before #1 trending

  16. PG says:

    Did Harry call out his dad in the most classiest way possible? So proud of Princess Diana’s son for standing by his wife & mother to his children.

  17. Fuck Youtube says:

    Rich celebrities complaining about how tough it is.
    Both 0prah and the entitlement princess are prime examples of hypocrisy.

    • Tatrum says:

      they were shat on by the whole world for years and are still being shat on..
      If you think having money = easy lives, you are so wrong.

  18. Etoile2004 says:

    Must be so tough having to live in a palace and everything being handed to you with the click of a finger😩what a sad story

    • martin mcfunny says:

      I KNOW RIGHT? rich people are so out of touch. i have to take care of my 64 year old father now because covid permanently disabled him when he already has disabilities, and my mom lost her father to covid a few weeks ago and her brother a month earlier. that’s real pain and struggling. nobody can work anymore because we’re all dealing with post covid.

  19. Queen Elizabeth III says:

    *TRAITORS* Anyone who leaves my grip is considered an ENEMY OF THE STEAK!! I mean ENEMY OF THE STATE!!

  20. Jordan Roldan says:

    “It’s so tough being a billionaire”

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