Orange Bowl: Georgia Bulldogs vs. Michigan Wolverines | Full Game Highlights

Orange Bowl: Georgia Bulldogs vs. Michigan Wolverines | Full Game Highlights

The Georgia Bulldogs defeated the Michigan Wolverines, 34-11, in the Capital One Orange Bowl. Stetson Bennett finished with 313 YDS passing and 3 TD’s. The Bulldogs advance to the College Football Playoff Finals where they will play the Alabama Crimson Tide.

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50 Responses

  1. Lawshaw says:

    James Cook is a guaranteed catch and always shows composure.

  2. Kevin Scott says:

    I didn’t watch the game.
    So Michigan scored on the back-ups?!!

    • Bryan Farts says:

      @cordaro jackson You obviously never heard of sarcasm. I will just assume you as a bot because no human could be that naive.

    • Apostle says:

      Don’t come here if you didn’t watch the game, you are not a real College Football enthusiast

    • R M says:

      @MoneyBeatzDMV hilarious

    • CAMARO Z28 SS says:

      @Apostle I didn’t watch the Game but I do know the demeanor of Harbaugh and the entire team…..bonded by blood and passion for the game.
      Harbaugh sounded like he had a spiritual Ayahuasca journey……absolutely awesome change of perspective.

    • Matt Mcgavin says:

      Using the backups. The backup freshman QB and backup freshman WR caught and threw the pass.

  3. High DFS says:

    Michigan had a good season in the Big Ten. But I knew as soon as they matched them up with UGA, that Michigan was done for the season. They don’t match up well vs Georgia in any way.
    Just like Cincy they had a great season in the AAC but they did not match up well vs Bama in any way.

  4. tropeller says:

    I also noticed that when UGA’s SEC Offense/Defense shifted the line or made an adjustment, Several Michigan players literally looked around and panicked!!

    • John Stevens says:

      @BishopDemond Smith top to bottom lies. No other conference is scared of vanderbilt, arkansas, SC, kentucky, ole miss, missouri, just stop.

    • John Stevens says:

      @BishopDemond Smith name calling lol. Internet gangstas what are you 10 years old be an adult.

    • John Stevens says:

      @Ryan clayton yea um dont like the big ten soooo yea. And not you pointed out a team that since T Martin has done nothing. Michigan beat kentucky, SC, Vandy, Arkansas, LSU, Florida, Missouri they would lose to GA, Bama, Texas A&M when they arent in their own way, Auburn. Toss up with ol miss and mississipe state. But Idk why you think I’m a Michigan supporter. Ive said nothing about Michigan and could care less about them. But draw your own narrative to fit whatever point your making. And Name calling lmao be an Adult.

    • John Stevens says:

      @Alt Spencer Bro the League is Bama and GA. Every year and every other year someone else gets hot then goes back to sucking. Its like the bowl games when they beat teams in bowls its the power of the SEC when they lose its cause they didnt care enough like pick a lane.

    • deadhorse 86 says:

      @Chris conel true ohio state is to me one of the best teams every year. This year i think Michigan had there number but they are always top as well

  5. Diego De Haro says:

    1:38 watch 17 there. That sideline to sideline speed is ridiculous. Great defense. Hope they show up in the Championship.

    • JT says:

      @Landen Gammons he’s the best linebacker in the country brother

    • foreveralive says:

      @WeFreestyleForever Bwahaha!! You can’t be serious. From the point that the ball was snapped until the pass completed took 2 seconds off the clock….2 seconds, bruh. Dean ran with his man across the field in anticipation of what happened next. That play was hardly slow in developing. Dean read the play like a book, bruh.

    • Bleedblue6487 says:

      @Alex Cannillo Will Anderson Jr is the best linebacker in the country. But yes 17 is a maniac. Anderson is generational talent.

    • Bleedblue6487 says:

      @WeFreestyleForever he’s a fast linebacker but you’re right that it wasnt the level play people are making it out to be. He was spying the RB and the play was awful.

    • Alex Cannillo says:

      @Bleedblue6487 I view Anderson more as an edge rusher that why I said it. But yeah Anderson is the best player in the country period

  6. MrMicronano says:

    Michigan players were celebrating more down 34-3 than Georgia players.

  7. J Walk says:

    1:37 pure speed of an All-american linebacker on display. 4:24 Power and not quitting til the whistle. 8:42 another missed call with holding allowing QB and only TD

    • Mason Caldwell says:

      @TokinDawg sore loser? Really? O haven’t seen a more disrespectful fanbase after a win ever. Yall are so so happy you beat a team that has less 5 stars on their entire roster than you get in one recruiting cycle, it’s laughable

    • J Walk says:

      @Mason Caldwell you started it saying we’re complaining and not simply trying to point out the only reason Michigan scored a TD. I’m not sure what plays you are talking about but the UGA fans have been victim of the Referees in a closer game and will never get over it. So what, welcome to the club and get used to it. It’s a Long way to the top if you want to Rock and Tide Roll. Boooooo Michigan is crappy Boooooo

    • TokinDawg says:

      @Mason Caldwell you just proved my point buddy, you wouldn’t be arguing with fans in the comments of a highlight video if you weren’t a sore loser.

    • Swat says:

      @Chew Baka truth. Georgia head coach is ex Alabama defensive coordinator (from 2008 until he went to Georgia head coach)

    • ATL Resell Guy says:

      Noticed the hold real time. RB on Corner blitz. Watched back replay and it was a 50/50 call. Not nearly as obvious as the hold Kendrick had on sideline for his first interception, which refs missed. It was a payback no call and safety totally misjudged the route on backend so let ’em have it

  8. Jackson Young says:

    So glad to see a dominant performance by Georgia, after that terrible SEC Championship we really needed it

    • Spenser says:

      @Greg Pettis I’m picking against saban in the rematch. They not gonna be able to block Georgia defensive line. The last time was an aberration.

    • Jon155 says:

      @Isaiah Battle You definitely don’t know football 🤡🤡🤡

    • John Marston says:

      As a Tennessee fan I hope to see Georgia win. I hate bama more than Georgia

    • snake doctor says:

      @Chew Baka you do know Georgia lost 7 straight game to Alabama ? I swear Georgia and cowboys fans are the same , they will get molly whop one week and come back the next week saying they the greatest thing since slice bread.

    • Isaiah Battle says:

      @Spenser understandable but Michigan tried lol they got 11 points so that’s something lol

  9. nickrad says:

    Georgia won the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and had more speed and athleticism at almost every position.

  10. Trippy Commentaries says:

    “We want the SEC” is not a smart thing to say lol

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