Orange Is the New Black – Season 4 – Teaser – Netflix [HD]

Orange Is the New Black – Season 4 – Teaser – Netflix [HD]

Time for some new blood. #WelcomeToLitchfield

Watch all new episodes of Orange is the New Black worldwide, June 17, on Netflix.

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20 Responses

  1. Dana Robinson says:

    I hope this is better than last season, ugh. I just about fell asleep
    through every episode.

  2. Cheese Bullet says:

    Dude fuckinggg finally

  3. Guinness The Menace says:

    How black is your orange?

  4. NoOffense says:

    I don’t watch this show because of the lesbian sex scenes

  5. faint says:

    Summer Break = OITNB Break

  6. Man O Main says:

    I can’t wait I hope v comes back

  7. ShawnSpectacular7 says:

    Hope this season is better than the last. The 2nd season with Val was the
    most captivating so far.

  8. Erron Black says:


  9. Queen Keisha says:


  10. chicira says:

    but if ruby comes back how would the friendship be with piper and stella?

  11. Joe Mike says:

    Where did Bennett go lol? Just disappeared.

  12. AlexLikesGames says:


  13. CryioncZz says:

    show us your tits!

  14. Itsme 23 says:

    I wonder if Tastie ( I spelt it wrong the first time 😉 is working for
    Litchfield now?????

  15. Mac Rodriguez says:

    Fuck this shit JUNE are you fucking kidding me house of cards is coming in

  16. Mina Elisan says:


  17. Алексей Силицкий says:

    Add the Russian language!

  18. Alondra Ponce says:

    I need more!!!

  19. Kathleen Grigsby says:

    If you think that was funny you should watch Kathleen Grigsby videos

  20. xwtfdude says:

    This is getting old and a bit redundant now.