Orange is the New Black – Stop Don’t Talk To Me – Netflix [HD]

Orange is the New Black – Stop Don’t Talk To Me – Netflix [HD]

The cast of Orange Is The New Black sing their version of ‘Don’t Talk To Me’ by Tre Coast ft. Lycia Faith inspired by Leanne’s ‘Stop, Don’t Talk To Me’ song featured in Orange Is The New Black, Season 2.

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20 Responses

  1. Nilsa V says:

    Lycia had nothing to do with this, she just did a remake :/

  2. deanisbetterthansam says:

    We need subtitles!!!!

  3. deadmanw@lk1ng says:

    I feel Cindy looks different in this video compared to season 2 of oitnb..

  4. Adam the Alien says:

    Yeah, I could probably watch this on an infinite loop for a good long

  5. buck thriller says:

    Idk y but I wanna smash tucky and poussy

  6. Mélissa Didiche says:


  7. Mélissa Didiche says:

    De plus Ruby Rose est juste parfaite et ils l’on mise dans une série qui
    déchire, j’en ai marre d’attendre moi ☺️

  8. Dean Morris says:

    Love it! The black woman (who was lesbian with a German girl if I remember
    rightly) can sing! 

  9. Jini says:

    I love the cast of Orange! They’re awesome. :D

  10. fillettehio says:

    Am I the only one in love with Pennsatucky’s voice??? O.o

  11. ship vauseman says:

    When I piss off with someone I sing this.

  12. mielbrew says:

    Alex oh Alex ive missed u. sigh

  13. Clouds says:

    OMFG i’m in tears, poussey…
    Love them all.

  14. Fatima Menawa says:

    This just made my day

  15. isaiah suero says:

    Awsome but why soo long

  16. Marina Nunes says:

    eu to chorando

  17. Aleksandra Rose says:

    I’m crying. I was sining this out loud, and my boyfriend asked me if it was
    a new Taylor Swift song (he was dead serious). 

  18. Vicki Michaud says:

    Omg lolly!!! I loved her!! I put a glob of vasaline in my ear want some?
    Lmfao shes so awesome

  19. itscameronnoble says:

    TWAIMZ MADE THIS SONG, not that girl on vine claiming all the credit for it

  20. SaramyJ94 says:

    I love and miss them so much!