Orangutan Kisses Pregnant Woman’s Belly – Colchester Zoo

Orangutan Kisses Pregnant Woman’s Belly – Colchester Zoo

Me and my 37 week pregnant partner visited Colchester Zoo on 13/07/2015 and was amazed when we visited Rajang the Orangutan that very quickly become fixated with her belly as she is heavily pregnant and before long he was trying to kiss my partners belly through the glass. I put my belly too the glass and got a dirty look then when I placed my hand on the he tryed to push my hand away my partner returned her belly to the glass and Rajang touched and kissed her belly again through the glass. Truly a special animal that has touched our hearts.

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19 Responses

  1. Christopher Robin Garrish says:

    Zoo: A prison for animals that have committed no crimes.

  2. MrsHuahwi_ says:

    AWW! Ohh my *gosh*! That’s just too cute. <3 :')

  3. oracleofottawa says:

    Rajang can sense the force…

  4. A Chicano Rap says:

    I’m not surprised. Black people like pregnate chicks.

  5. Obie Dotson says:

    mamen besa el cristal no la panza

  6. Ace Jiang says:

    That’s cute. 

  7. S. Mosseau says:


  8. KamiKaZantA says:

    So many idiots in the comments… proper zoos keep breeding programs for
    endangered species and cooperating with other zoos to help that goal, as
    well as studying animals, educating the public about the animals, and
    promoting people to donate to animal charities to help save the animals kin
    in the wild. It’s a sad but necessary fact that we, and the animals, need
    zoos to help propagate and protect their species.

  9. AngryRedDalia says:

    Change thumbnail

  10. Eva Maria Uhl says:

    #Awe= Watch this:) <3#

  11. victorio681 says:

    Muy bonito y emotivo si, pero estaria bien que estuvieran al reves, ellos
    dentro y el orangutan libre, a ver si asi se reian tanto.

    • victorio681 says:

      +victorio681 Very beautiful and emotional yes, but that would be fine were
      reversed, and free them within orangutan , to see if they laughed so much.

  12. Danijela Tosic says:

    Animals deserve to be free. This is so sad

  13. SilentFaces says:

    Aww wow. I wonder if it knew. To people saying the Orangutan is in Jail. I
    suppose it is but we don’t know how happy he/she is there or how they’re
    treated. As sad as it is Zoos are vital for research and preservation.
    Until animals can live in their habitat without the fear of Humans
    destroying it and them then Zoos are one of the best ideas. Natural
    selection is not at play anymore, It’s humans that are killing these
    beautiful animals. 🙁 

  14. Rosa Angelica Gonzalez says:

    so beautiful!!!!

  15. Doc Von Doom says:

    Evryone thinks it’s a prison but prisons restrict movement, they deny basic
    privileges, eliminate entertainment, and refine meals to the same old
    base-nutrient block for sustenance alone. Prisoners have to eat, sleep,
    leisure, clean all at a certain time and within a set time frame. These
    animals get fed well, and can eat anytime they want and as much as they
    want with a wide variety of more nutritious meat and vegetables that are
    quite limited or tedious to acquire in the wild. They can swing and play
    and interact with others any time they want. They get cleaned and receive
    medical care and checkups quite often. The temperature and humidity is
    carefully monitored for comfort. Think of it this way: it’s more like a
    house with a free playground, bed, food, healthcare, competition-free mate,
    air conditioner, pool (in some instances) etc with a fence around it.
    Freedom? Freedom is hunting, low infant survival rates, disease, certain
    death from injury, fighting, predators, looking for food, competing with
    rivals, poachers, etc. If anything a zoo enclosure, in developed countries
    for the most part, is more like a free resort.

  16. carrnil says:

    I’m Orangutan and found this offensive

  17. Justin says:

    An animal that has more sense of understanding than some humans today lol
    and we call ourselves the dominate species. Our civilization is so fucked
    up we have to put our own kind behind bars as well.

  18. Juan José Ruiz Fernández says:

    Maybe it is the real father…