Orcas hunting seal jumps in boat

Orcas hunting seal jumps in boat

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20 Responses

  1. Jürgen P. Schooner says:

    Holy fuck. Shove him back in? What a prick. Look at the poor thing.

  2. realeques says:

    that seals look at the and , it looks so scared :(

  3. sunstarsmoon says:

    YOU DICK – Push him off ??? look at his little terrified eyes you ASS!!

  4. MrDamageGames says:

    Seal was like DRIVE! MOTHAFUCKA! DRIVE!!

  5. TheCadillacCat says:

    AP CONFIRMED: The Seal owed the Orca money.

  6. OF says:

    lmao. people get so offended by you just saying you’ll push it off.

  7. Cedrik SJ says:

    There are always one or two a**hole who would want to shove him back

  8. Richard “Firebug” Merrick says:

    People who can’t tell he’s joking about pushing it off are idiots.
    “I’m sorry guys, i can shove him off for ya” is so obviously a joke. ORCAS

  9. Chretien li says:

    what if the orcas had been starving for weeks, and they died of starvation
    because they couldn’t get that seal… Huh? HUH?? THAT ORCA HAD A KID TO
    BACK?? “Mommy, please promise you’ll come back..” “Of course son.” NOPE.
    SHE DIED. How do y’all feel now? AND WHO”S GONNA TELL THE KID? Nobody,
    that’s who. He’s probably starving right now still thinking his mom’s gonna
    come back.

  10. Jildo Ranto says:

    To all the people hating on the guy saying “I can shove him off”
    He was probably scared as well. The seal saved his own life by using the
    boat as shelter, While the human/s were scared that the killer whale would
    probably knock the boat over, So they were also trying to save their own
    lives. Its nature, If they weren’t there the seal would be dead in the
    first place, They had no obligation or rather- no reason to risk their
    lives saving a seal only to get tossed in the middle of no where for who
    knows how long. They weren’t selfish nor assholes, You may or may not
    consider them as a coward, But even I would be scared in a situation like

  11. d2cuadrados says:

    You’re interfering with nature. DON’T FUCK WITH NATURE

  12. Sport Central says:

    that deal was so cute at the end

  13. Emilio Reynaga says:

    worst part about it bieng horizontal is that its horizontal

  14. achilleze says:

    cute seal survives – beautiful orcas continue on – ugly ass crack at the
    end. This youtube video has it all

  15. Mason S says:

    orca whales eat seals…..why are people mad about that?

  16. Marcos Beni says:

    What kind of asshole would suggest to shove him off to die?!

  17. Sharkisha Jackson says:

    i expected the orca to jump on the boat and eat the seal

    i think i watch too many movies :|

  18. S Park says:

    what the fuck you meannnnn shove him off? asshole look at his face he is so
    scared hoping he didnt make the wrong decision and you go on and say that

  19. Juans GotThis says:

    how about we shove everyone into the sea and get the orcas on the boat then
    no one is upset ヽ(。 ╭​͜つ​╮​͡ °)ノ

  20. EmTy_Plagu e says:

    I feel more sad for the Orcas