ORDINARY FOOD you’ve never seen PEELED

ORDINARY FOOD you’ve never seen PEELED

Ordinary food you’ve never seen peeled! I know you peel some food like fruits but have you ever seen this type of food peeled? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications http://bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf

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58 Responses

  1. SSSniperWolf says:

    do you prefer your food peeled or BONELESS

  2. Karen Moreno says:

    Skin all the way i love it

    I just relized what I type sounded wrong ???????

  3. Ashley Heart says:

    Sssniperwolf : I’ve cut many pineapples before

    Me: I’m allergic T.T

  4. love life says:

    “Grapes are meant to be eaten and swallowed, not eaten and chewed…. ”
    -sniper wolf aka lia

  5. Margo Williams says:

    I’m cheap but if there was a watermelon with no seeds I would pay 10 $50 I don’t know cos I hate the seeds 2

  6. Twilight__ Potato says:

    Her: “I’ll be Watching your account”

    Me: “……..I’m fine with that.”

  7. Karizma Rodriguez says:

    3:47 its not a dragonfruit

    Its a demogorgan

    P.s. i SWEAR i did not look at the comments before posting

  8. XxxRose GachaxxX says:

    7:33 Ok watermelon, orange I understand, but strawberries? HELL NAH APPRECIATE THE STRAWBERRY THE WAY IT IS ?

    Lol, who agrees?

  9. Charlotte Henderson says:

    I knew what they were I used to eat them I’m talking about the dragon fruit

  10. Thundergirl 608 says:

    Me and my cousin was exited to try a dragon fruit , but it tasted like a dried out strawberry XD

  11. Gracie says:

    I had Black Forest Cake for my birthday!! It’s sooooooooo delicious

  12. Potato People says:

    90% of this video is lia talking about how much she hates seeds

  13. Poopie Tron says:

    3:52 :honesty left the chat

    (I’ll just be lying so she looks at my account)


  14. Ricky Brown says:

    Title “ordinary food you’ve never seen peeled”
    Well after the video I guess we have -_-

  15. Ritesh Tirkey says:

    “I like my grapes boneless thank you”
    -SSSniper Wolf

  16. Nathaniel Luscombe says:

    You can peel peaches if you boil them. That’s how you can them.

  17. YaGurlJJ says:

    i feel dumb cuz the Pokémon steeny was based on a mangosteen i didn’t realize until now..

  18. Roblox Roblox says:

    A luuuuv ma dragon fruit but ya can’t get it in mma country so I can only get it on holidays?

  19. Ameika Ardeingeta says:

    Dragonfruit is a fruit with a dragon on its head and when u eat it u BECOME THE DRAGON FRUIT LOL

  20. DolphinKing2004 says:

    Dragon Fruit Tastes Like Watermellon That Sat In Clean Ocean Water Fpr A Billion Years?

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