Oreo Blackout Chocolate Cake Recipe

Oreo Blackout Chocolate Cake Recipe

Epic… not many other words for this one. Inspired by the one we tried in New York we’ve upped the ante and gone all out… a marshmallow centre, with chocolate pudding, moist chocolate sponge and an oreo crumb! Hold on to your hats!

Get the full recipe at http://sortedfood.com/blackoutcake

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20 Responses

  1. Willis Reloaded says:

    You guys have become so americanised, the britishness is slowly
    deteriorating with the way you say Oreo and DAFUQ IS PUDDING!?!?!?

  2. JitheMagnificentLee says:

    #SortedfoodhasgotaSoreD ????

  3. Chan Lin See says:

    Ohh yeaaah ! Btw can i steam the cake instead of baking it ? 

  4. natxjan says:

    Looks really good, gonna try this out some time!! 🙂 x

  5. Qtpie Hana says:

    Maybe James looks more handsome and than Barry…Opps!

  6. strbuxgurl818 says:

    Yay! James is here!

  7. Jennifer R says:

    What about seriously pimped out nachos? 

  8. muhammad irfansyah says:

    coffee brushed on chocolate equals mooore chocolatey flave.. Yummm

  9. nymamae says:

    I absolutely love the music in this video. Kudos to Mike! And HELLO to

  10. Ben Wright says:

    2 Ideas for you to make awesome: Wiener Schnitzel, and/or Kaiserschmarrn.

  11. crazycat2210 says:

    This is great !! I am honored to have introduced Team Mike to the Brooklyn
    Blackout on our Lost and Hungry NYC scavenger hunt day. I love your spin on
    this New York classic.. Thanks SORTED Food !!

  12. irockleftsocks13405 says:

    YAY! I demand more James! Hahaha

    Also, Mike, have you been working out? You look good and fit!

    Ben looks adorable as always! haha

    I’ll see if I can’t get a photo done!!

  13. Rachael Heater says:

    Where is the T in the SORTED…or rather SORED…on the wall?

  14. lynnielouwhothebomb says:

    I am not at all unhappy that James was in this video. Being adorable. That
    was unexpected, but a wonderful surprise :D

  15. Sammy Alcantara says:

    Yum Yum and YUMMY!!!

  16. Charlie Chen says:

    Diabetes at its finest hour

  17. Adp Lax says:

    make a sushi cake

  18. hulagirl144 says:

    When Mike said “You can clearly see what we’ve done here” I though he was
    going to talk about how they gave James the big plate and the big spoon
    because he is a giant.

  19. VIIRise says:

    Man they audio is messed up in this vid can’t understand a damn thing.
    Also, is this cake called blackout because of the diabetic coma you slip
    into if you eat the whole thing?

  20. Valkyrie says: