ORGANIZE | Garage Clean Out! (and where to take stuff)

ORGANIZE | Garage Clean Out! (and where to take stuff)

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31 Responses

  1. Willow R says:

    first to watch

  2. lavalavz says:

    Pls do another DAY IN LIFE

  3. Marcus Boustani says:

    Early squad

  4. Lucia Bashe says:

    Love your vids 💓💓 Ford is so cute 😃✌️

  5. Tanmaya Nair says:

    Love u Elle…..U look so good wearing that jacket at 0:31

  6. Alicia luis says:

    Earl bird #earlysquad were u at who here before 1k me

  7. Liza Koshy Fan says:

    Only 56 comments at the time I’m typing this

  8. Lydia the UniDog says:

    Elle I am not even an adult and I watch the whatsupmoms videos! I am only 11 years old… Oh well I am glad that i found out about you guys!!!!! Keep up the good work.

  9. Liza Koshy Fan says:

    This is how messy my room gets after 2 weeks

  10. April and hearty Madrigal says:

    Notification squad where u at?

  11. Ferdo Padovnik says:

    Tess is so cute

  12. Niyati Goyal says:

    399th like is mine.

  13. Niyati Goyal says:


  14. Soccer Ghost55 says:

    Wow this was so amazing Elle you did great

  15. issy does vlogs says:

    Wow! You are such an amazing family😍

  16. Nikita Tucker says:

    So helpful🌈

  17. Marriage & Motherhood says:

    I totally needed this motivation! Part of our garage looks just like this. My husband is a lowkey horder. I’m always singing “LET IT GOOOOO” in my Elsa voice. Thanks for sharing!

  18. plz dont be basic says:

    Look at Elles shirt then look at my name

  19. rachna bal says:

    Anyone else who is watching but is not a mom ….♥️love this channel

  20. A * says:

    No 9 on trending, 👏 👏

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