Orlando Nightclub Shooting | At Least 50 Dead, Omar Mateen identified as shooter

Orlando Nightclub Shooting | At Least 50 Dead, Omar Mateen identified as shooter

A shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub early Sunday morning has been described as a “domestic terror incident” with 50 fatalities and 53 injured, hospitalized individuals, officials said.

The shooter has been identified by officials as Omar Mateen of St. Lucie County, Florida.

FBI assistant agent in charge of the agency’s Tampa division, Ron Hopper, was asked at a news conference on Sunday at 7 a.m. if the shooter, who was shot and killed by police, had ties to Jihadist terror groups.

“At this time we’re looking at all angles right now,” the official said. “We do have suggestions that that individual may have leanings towards that, that particular ideology. But right now we can’t say definitively, so we’re still running everything around.”

The FBI also said the shooter “was organized and well-prepared,” adding “he is not from this area.”

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19 Responses

  1. pereiramariana35 says:

    i find it hard to believe that all of these people are there to genuinely
    moarn and help the LGTB community that was attacked, when they said they
    heard from Texas thats when i knew they were being phoeny.
    Those peoples probably never cared about the LGBTs, they are just ridding
    the wagon so they seem less hatefull and instead of hating gays that day
    they get to hate muslims.
    And you know its true, not for everyone, but a big portion of those people
    hate LGBTs and are just pretending they feel bad to go with the flow

  2. sam cruz says:

    omar mateen kills 50 damn.

  3. Carson Hearn says:

    This wouldn’t have happened if the other 50 people had guns. The guns are
    not the issue. Rip for the ones lost ?

  4. Victor N says:

    i never get 50 kill in cs go, or battlefield 4.. omar marten you are lucky

  5. NotBen101 says:

    It sucks that we cannot be surprised about these shootings because they
    happen soo often

  6. The Rookie says:

    Fuck Islam, Fuck Muhammad, and Fuck the dumbass people that follow this
    religion. All any of you bring is death and more death, and for what? So
    your woman can be wrapped head to toe like a fucking mummy? So you can fly
    planes into more “evil westerner’s” buildings? So you can honor kill all
    your daughter’s who want to marry another man that isn’t already chosen for
    her? All people want to do is live there life’s in peace not die at the
    sake of your bullshit religion. Im so sick of it, how many U.S troops, and
    Innocent people have to die before people see that this religon isn’t a
    religon that fits with today’s time.

  7. Francisco_zx says:

    Look am just a kid and all but why do people want to vote for trump he is
    going to kick out all mexicans thats bad and seriously he is going to build
    a wall between Mexico and America and he also said 7/11 instead of 9/11

  8. Jd Dm says:

    oh my god..jesssusss chrissst

  9. J Prz says:

    I can only imagine what the westboro baptist church will have to say about

  10. Wise guy says:

    My favorite day????☠


  11. MrGabenLand II says:

    World War III anyone?

    It could be the beginning…

  12. TOP TENS says:

    Let’s get this straight, The real Islam is peace, love, and Quran. Omar
    Mateen isn’t a Sunnah Muslim, he is shi3ah Muslim. The difference is that
    Sunnah people are not terrorists, but shiaah Muslims are. Please like this
    comment so everybody can see, THANKS, A REGULAR MUSLIM WHO LOVES PEACE NOT

  13. Pib Smablert says:

    No proof of any dead once again.

  14. Cutie Zalbu says:

    All this ppl blaming Islam,Bitch this nigga was nuts to begin with,and
    islam said in nowhere that u should kill ppl. This guy was a maniac who
    used islam as a scapegoat,also if guns were illegal this nit jobs wouldn’t
    easily get their hands on them. I like how Christians are tryna to islam is
    a religion of war,don’t make me remind u what the crusaders did for 800
    years,they attacked and killed ppl and Europeans actually supported this
    crazy crusader. Nut jobs like this kid who just shot up the club should not
    get access to guns,if they did proper background check but here again some
    dumb conservative cunts think it is better to fight violence with
    violence,when did fire ever put out fire,Conservatives should think…

  15. David Stevens says:


  16. If you don't like it, cool it's what it is. says:

    What a disgrace! Christians were getting murdered on the daily in the
    middle east by very cruel methods and no one was given the footage through
    the popular media. Of course not, because that would have shook them up
    real good. Now homosexuals and transgenders seem to fill in the role of
    televised sports…mass distraction!

  17. Fasoliful says:

    its surprises me how many people down in the comment sections have been
    brainwashed by Trump and Hillary and the news. Seems like Im one of the
    only sane ones left in America. If you still have youre sanity, please
    reply cause Im losing hope for the country i was once proud of.

  18. Painful Veterans says:

    50-1 is not a bad kd

    2 soon?

  19. rnodern says:

    You have to ban these guns. You fuckers can’t be trusted with them.