Orlando Shooting | Mom Cries for Son at Gay Nightclub

Orlando Shooting | Mom Cries for Son at Gay Nightclub

A mother discusses her son who she believes was at the gay nightclub during the Orlando shooting. She cries as she talks about the cycle of violence.
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19 Responses

  1. ughh blog says:

    where are the fucken TEARS!!…WOW. The mainstream media are at it again.
    You guys cant bullshit a bullshitter anymore. such a fucken hoax.

  2. shadow ninja says:

    What is wrong with you people!! It doesn’t matter if it was staged or not!!
    The main thing is that this is a serious, tragic event!! While you jerks
    are talking about this person being fake or how this is a add for gun
    control, there are real people who are suffering right now!! Instead
    fighting over stupid things, why not offer a prayer or at least some
    empathy over the people who lost someone, or who don’t know if there even
    alive!! Almost every comment I have seen is over stupid things like “Guns
    don’t kill people, people kill people.” or “She is totally an actor set up
    by the government.”. What really matters is that we try to help the people
    affected by this tragedy and do what we can to fix this!!

  3. nucleusclothing says:

    1:50. Am I the only one that caught her saying “I left him with I love you
    grandson” Did she forget it was her son?

  4. ughh blog says:

    also what the fuck is she reading!!!!!Jesus . bitch is reading something
    for sure!!!!! #Hoax

  5. Marty Lynchian says:

    This mother should be crying that her son is gay(and probably has the
    aids). She must have been a single mother to cause the psychological damage
    on her child. Her son is mostly likely burning in hell right now. Stupid
    bitch things guns are to blame? How do you think the terrorist was stopped
    ??? With a gun. You are a horrible bitch women to allow your son to be gay
    . Now with that being said, Muslims need to be kicked out of this country.
    Personally I don’t care if they shoot up all the gay sodomites however I am
    worried about when I travel in a plane or go to Disney world,etc.. Muslims
    need to be kicked back to the middle east where they belong.

  6. caitiedidit says:

    The comments… oy vey.

  7. Getcha Pull says:

    Stock up on food and ammo, folks. You’re being lied to.

  8. If you don't like it, cool it's what it is. says:

    The righteous and the meek shall repopulate the earth. Not the scum.

  9. Kevin Agudelo says:

    Listen closer u can hear the page turning at 3:43 and at 3:49 she mentions
    the weapon agenda #scripted

  10. Barry Marootner says:

    Years ago a friend described to me the time he saw Bigfoot giving Nessie a
    pounding under moonlight. After watching this video, I’m more convinced
    that his story carries more truth than what this women is trying to
    bullsh*t us with this nonsense. Today’s performance is deserving of an F+.
    And the + was due to her motion to wipe away a tear that was never there.

  11. 69troyjan says:

    Fake and gay !

  12. David Stevens says:

    Crisis actor? Um, why do I lose my guns because of some isis piece of shit
    and also because dumbfucks thought open boarders and free citizenship
    without possessing was a great idea.

  13. Prentiss Boswell says:

    its fake, she is a crisis actor

  14. TheBiggestLittleShitOnTheInternet says:

    looked in google maps, the woman is facing north, no reason to be wearing
    her sunglasses

  15. BaronVonTacocat says:

    *Shitty crisis actor hams it up for money.

  16. Gerardo Ibarra says:

    this is not a hoax you all you stupid people show some sympathy

  17. NinoBoi Diamond says:

    you people think everything bad is all about government to go fight those
    idiots in isis. This mother really lost her son, what is she suppose to do,
    run in the club and search tru all the dead bodies until she identifies her
    son? your fucking morons. HAVE SOME RESPECT. i hope you get shot so your
    mother gets on tv looking for your sorry ass. idiots, ALL OF YOU. This is
    not a hoax, real innocent people died because of a fucking terrorist.

  18. kriz loyd says:

    Us humans are resembling and are more connected to the existence of god
    Than you think/understand, Bible says God created man in his
    Image/Likeness, We are creators/Inventors, just as god is a
    creator/Inventor. We show that to make something to come into existence,
    comes from a persons ideas and imagination. The creations/Inventions that
    humans have made, clearly shows there is a God/Greater Creator/Inventor,
    and shows that things/materials/inventions don’t just magically appear, if
    they did then our houses would be magically appearing and cars and etc….
    And everything in existence in planet earth and the other planets in the
    universe has been created by a thought/idea from a living person, Remember
    guys your car didn’t create itself it took someone to create that car. This
    same principle applies to Planets/Life/Elements/,they didn’t create
    themselves, a person create them which is a more powerful/Smarter person
    Planet Earth. All he has to do is leave his planet/Home and enter into
    planet earth and freaking kill all the Muslims., Islam=Hate/War/Violence
    there book Quran says you must go out and kill all people who don’t believe
    in Allah, in order to go to heaven…I believe this is book of Devil Not of
    God. Believe the god of the Bible :),There will never be peace until all
    humans have died and met god face to face in there new body… Smile :)

  19. caleb hedrick says:

    why the fuck are there 1000 dislikes on this video fucking heartless