Orlando Shooting | Video From Inside Pulse Nightclub

Orlando Shooting | Video From Inside Pulse Nightclub

Amanda Alvear, a victim of the massacre, shot the Snapchat video.

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20 Responses

  1. stevencc40 says:

    That’s what they get for being gay, going to a gay club, doing gay shit!
    and look gay things happen to them.

  2. Justin N says:

    I literally gained faith in humanity yesterday and I lost it again in this
    comment section

  3. Jag24 _ says:

    Worlds first useful snapchat. Gg

  4. God says:

    Lucifer just got 50 people…

  5. Sofy Ovalle says:

    lol people saying that God is the guilty here xD, this was the idea of a
    man or a crazy christian (i am a catholic, i don’t have nothing about here/
    don’t wanna fight, i already prayed 5 hail mary s)…ok, i am not in LGTB
    or something about it but, well people is people. I can’t judge people from
    what they are, people are not telling me always «ugh, Virgin Mary not
    exist, why you pray for Saints?, God doesn’t exist, why are you alway
    crazy» and yeah i have atheists and weirsy friends….so, this is not about
    God ok? that was a Human Actions

  6. Matt Figlioli says:

    she just stood there

  7. Bob Nachos says:


  8. Thy junkiest of rats says:

    I’m happy, it’s what they deserved.

  9. SpartanFoxGaming says:

    Oh my god, why would any human feel the need to do something like this to
    their own fellow human beings?!

  10. Excuse My French says:

    50 faggots killed, what a glorious victory.

  11. skipper geloneck says:

    This gave me a boner

  12. seal god lucicus says:


  13. Marty Harold says:

    Why didn’t they act like they got shot?

  14. Cesar Saucedo says:

    haha thats 50 less faggots on Earth

  15. john smith says:

    fuck these piece of shit muslims killing our people and playing the race
    card like they are so innocent.

  16. FARHAN AKHTAR says:

    poor people killed for false flag shame

  17. Parker Mckenzie says:

    Rest in peace to those poor souls

  18. Dgarcia4life says:

    This breaks my heart.. ?

  19. md123420 says:

    fake. ok for people that dont know shooting inside a closed building is
    very loud. louder than the music. shots echoing like a mofo. how come no
    one had ringing in their ears or were hard of hearing?? the shots would
    have cancelled out the music if this was real. guns are not bad. people
    need to educate more about weapons. bad people with weapons do bad things.
    im sure if someone were to rob you at gun point youd wish youd have a gun
    and not try to ban them. bad people go to the streets for guns not stores

  20. BL Scratchoffs (Bob Le) says:

    “pray for the victims of the Orlando massacre”. Being a homosexual is a sin
    according to the Bible and God. I see that hypocritical message all over
    the place. Don’t pray for the victims of the Orlando massacre.