ORVILLE PECK Does Trixie’s Makeup!

ORVILLE PECK Does Trixie’s Makeup!

Orville Peck takes his shot at doing Trixie’s iconic makeup.

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Editor: Nick Walker
Post Supervisor: Jess Stevens

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30 Responses

  1. Chloe Tryon says:

    We NEED katya to do this series. I feel like she’d turn the party

  2. Agent Eldritch says:

    “I’m a mooah” entering the vocabulary for every time I successfully apply literally anything to my face. Suncream? I’m a mooah. Wonky brows? I’m a mooah. Just a little natural chapstick? I’m a mooah. Thank you Orville <3

  3. Ana Josefina says:

    Orville watching Trixie´s face and then screaming is a sign of true frienship.

  4. Guppy Wuppy says:

    Trixie please bless us with them bright blue contacts again, we’d love a season 7 tutorial

  5. sassy hulk says:

    The doubletake and absolutely shock that Trixie experiences at 22:11 is the funniest thing

  6. kelsey mathis says:

    I would love to see a vintage trixie look.

  7. Christopher Smith says:

    Orville is a MUA and Brittany is an Ally

  8. Tim Huntbach says:

    I didn’t think I could be any more in love with Orville and yet here we are

    • jess vs says:

      the way he said “lip chap” instead of chapstick was too adorable. also, every time he grabs Trixie’s shoulder when scream-laughing, haha. 😂

    • John Michael Arnaud says:

      It’s ridiculous how effortlessly charismatic he is.

  9. demacto says:

    Orville is such a vibrant person here, never seen him so lively and happy! Please do more videos with Orville, he is such a gem!

  10. Oh Boi Lien says:

    As neither a hair salon person or a mooah I think he did really well

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