Oscar Valdez with the Knockout of the Year Over Miguel Berchelt, Wins Belt

Oscar Valdez with the Knockout of the Year Over Miguel Berchelt, Wins Belt

Watch highlights from todays fight between #OscarValdez and Miguel Berchelt on the main event of #BercheltValdez. In the fight, Valdez knocked Berchelt down 3 times finishing him in grand fashion in the 10th.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, Unified Light Heavyweight World Champion Artur Beterbiev is set for ring return March 20 Against Adam Deines.

WBC/IBF light heavyweight world champion Artur Beterbiev (15-0, 15 KOs) will fight top contender Adam Deines in a special Russian homecoming Saturday, March 20 at Megasport Arena in Moscow.

Beterbiev-Deines to headline card that will air LIVE on an ESPN platform from Megasport Arena in Moscow

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64 Responses

  1. Default 1 says:

    Respect to both these Mexican warriors 💪 from a Boricua supporter

  2. Jesse Lent says:

    This man is a problem for everyone. I’ve always liked valdez but since he’s started training with eddy and the Canelo camp he’s much better.

  3. -RED X- says:

    *”I have a list of people who doubted me; my idols doubted me”*

  4. Mario Arellano says:

    Just made 390 on VALDEZ!! I can’t believe the odds. 2x Mexican Olympian, undefeated prime boxer, and trained by Eddie reynoso and Canelo camp. Put some respect on VALDEZ name. Viva SONORA ✌

  5. Ed Perez says:

    el cinturon quedo en mexico de todos modos jaja

  6. BrookTwn Barber says:

    fuuuuck yeeahh thats right my boy valdez dodging them punches like a boss

  7. Diego Olguin says:

    valdez made berchelt look like woody when andy comes in the room

  8. Jack McLeod Jr. says:

    Berchelt went charging at him with his chin up in the flight path of a Boeing 757 and walked straight into a big one… Like a tribute to Nate Robinson son! Damm

    • Chris Martinez says:

      Exactly that’s his flaw punches awkwardly with his chin exposed going forward

    • Jack McLeod Jr. says:

      @Chris Martinez Joking aside that needs to be addressed now he’s been brutally exposed for having a danglin’ jawline. This sort of thing will only happen again against a decent puncher otherwise

    • Lorenzo Almaguer says:

      Berchelt walked into the left hook, because he was in auto pilot. The man was finished since round 4 yet lasted till round 11 thru shear will power and muscle memory. A will so admirable that it can only be rewarded with death .

    • Jack McLeod Jr. says:

      @Lorenzo Almaguer This is true.

    • lk2243 says:

      So true. He absolutely charged him for no reason at a lethal time. He didn’t adjust and was already drained and hurt. What a great counter, setup and execution on Valdezs’ behalf. Berchelt’s corner failed him terribly. Congrats to Oscar.

  9. Aron Torres says:

    Man I can’t believe it, Berchelt was a hard hitter and known to take hits. Valdez has proven everyone wrong

  10. Elite Nation says:

    Trainer of the year Eddie Reynoso. Dude has a fucking great team. Ruiz is next to change

  11. EMMAN IGANG says:

    Mexican boxers are diff breed💪💪💪


  12. Stoic Sabio says:

    Berchelt was basically KO’d since round 4, he was looking like Bambi with them legs. The fact that he lasted till round 10 is incredible to me. Respect to Berchelt for that, that’s a warrior right there. Oscar did wonderful, he was precise and boxed Berchelt beautifully. Coming up from a lower weight class to knockout one of the biggest guys in the division is insane. Shout out to these two Mexican warriors!

  13. Evan Holyfield says:

    He boxed his ass off this fight, if he would’ve went toe to toe we would’ve been talking about Berchelt! Two warriors made a great night, nothing but respect!

  14. TheMainsource01 says:

    Eddy Reynoso is so underrated. Man this guy builds Mexican warriors.
    🇲🇽 💪🏽💯🏆🔋❤️🥊

  15. Allan Herbert says:

    I’m really proud of this kid. I was rooting for him heavily, but bet financially with berchelt, I feel like I broke even . Salute Valdez.

  16. Digna Zara says:

    Valdez here your new fan from Puerto Rico por Favor Dale en la madre a Stevenson. Por Favor. Gracias. PR MX. #1

  17. Mr unforgivable says:

    Muy respetuoso el campeon..
    Lo que quiso decir es vayanse a la vergå todos los 99 % de perros que no creeron en mi 😄

  18. LESA says:

    Que gran boxeador Valdez, siempre dando tremendas peleas!

  19. Ten Second Songs says:

    Whew. That was a gorgeous knock out.

  20. LoLUnderstated says:

    Mexican boxers have always been respected for a reason.

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