Oscars Red Carpet 2019 | LIVE Coverage From 91st Academy Awards – ABC News Live

Oscars Red Carpet 2019 | LIVE Coverage From 91st Academy Awards – ABC News Live

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47 Responses

  1. Sra Holmes says:

    Borhap the best!

  2. Emily Wong says:

    is there somewhere to watch the actual award ceremony??

  3. Selin Motevalli says:

    Queen!Bohemian Rhapsody!!!!!

  4. Q says:

    Stars of Hollywood = Fallen Angels

    • rjcflorida says:

      Q A fallen Angel is someone who squandered their gift of talent. Lucipher (Lucipher means Morning Star) twisted the Scripture in music and purposefully led 1/3 of the Angels down the wrong path. He squandered his talent and gift of knowing the Scripture/Ministry. He became a fallen Angel and God changed his name to Satan. The Hollywood stars actually share their gifts of talent rather than squander them, so they’re not really fallen Angels.

    • Paul B says:

      +rjcflorida ok, devils, then.

    • Wendy Wang says:

      That exactly why they are called fallen angels, or devils to begin with. +rjcflorida

  5. Ariel Caster says:

    Bohemian Rhapsody is the winner!!!

  6. VERONICA FL says:


  7. Alle Aruta says:

    how can anyone watch this without skipping?
    most boring thing ever. i haven’t even heard of most of these movies or actors

  8. Emma Bullerpowell says:

    Queen will win big. Freddie would be so proud

  9. Christine Donnell says:

    Bohemian Rhapsody- Uplifted me and brought back to some really good memories. Pretty much to tears, could not move for like 10 minutes when ended. Lost in Thought. Will also be nice to see Queen with Adam Lambert.

  10. Maria Rodriguez Brannon says:

    Yalitza Aparicio! ??

  11. Gaby Islas says:

    arriba ROMA arriba YALITZA Aparicio

  12. Miranda Maldonado says:

    I’m here for Adam Lambert and Bohemian Rhapsody

  13. Al Joseph says:

    Tis year’s special In Memoriam.. Jussie Smollet’s Career.

  14. Norma Bravo says:

    Yalitza Aparicio the queen of México hopefully she win the Óscar that willbe Fantastic for her country and for her Oaxaca México

  15. Steve ROGERS says:

    Shame people who DESERVE to WIN cant … because were now so politically correct…. sad times

  16. Number one boomer says:

    Im for women and minorities but I’m tired of hearing about it. I just want one year where all they talk about is good movies. Where a winner wins because it was a good performance not because of the color of their skin or gender.

  17. Paul Russo says:

    Boycott ABC!! They just shutdown Steven Crowder’s Anti-Oscar livesteam party because more people were watching Crowder than the actual Oscars! What’s the matter ABC? Can’t take it? BOYCOTT ABC!! #boycottabc #BoycottTheOscars #BoycottTheOscars2019

  18. Color MehJewish says:

    They tried to shut Louder With Crowder down over a REAL, LEGIT Fair Use.
    F the Oscars.

  19. The UnWantedMan says:

    Couldn’t handle Steven Crowder’s live stream at ABC CP?

  20. neverlasting49 says:

    LET CROWDER STREAM. He’s providing commentary!

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