Today we name the baby.

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Joe Lee and Alena Maze, a married couple with a blended family of six children, document their journey to find their purpose in the will of God. While revealing the dynamics of a blended family, the couple expresses their struggles, successes, and failures through film.

Joe Lee | Director of Photography & Street photographer
Alena Maze | Director & Mathematician

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Ryan Little – Moana

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28 Responses

  1. MAZELEE says:

    Today we name the baby and get her name officially changed!

    • Thandeka Mlungwana says:

      Lovely name!! Is Joe the only person who is using Lee as his last name in the family? Just curious, no malicious intent..💕

    • Rosey Rose says:

      The Baby’s name is beautiful and as usual she could not be any cuter. Little Ajedi bowing is so sweet Arazo is progressing well with her Korean. God Bless you all

    • atkaJ says:

      Ajedi’s last name is Lee. I remember seeing in one of the vlogs of Ajedi’s first day at preschool or something. So Ajoui is Lee too.

    • Cecilyne Pinkihan says:

      Nice name it’s a unique one am just curious is all your kids have a surename Maze even the Joe’s kids?

    • Stardom Family VLogs says:

      What a lovely name parents and meaning. It was so cute how you made her pick which one. Alena: I love your personality is so real. Great family all round. Love little Yung Yong, he is such a darling. Happy 1st birthday Ajoui God Bless you always. ♡SF

  2. Louisa Loving says:


  3. Jak Jonsonn says:

    A black child went in the kitchen and said Little bro just said half a word!! She asked What did he say.He said Mother!!

  4. Chelsea brown says:

    Love it she’s so beautiful. I’ve been voting btw hope y’all win!

  5. ItsMonica says:

    #3 on trending 🙂

  6. Double A says:

    Koreans and black people make the most beautiful babies, I gotta start looking for some Korean girls 😄

  7. Morgy Gisela says:


  8. The Lawl says:

    Is this a Korean thing? 9 months isn’t enough time to come up with a meaningful name?…Aren’t they religious too? The Bible literally has hundreds upon hundreds of names in it that you can choose from 😂 This has to be a Korean thing…

  9. Carmen Coburn says:

    Congratulations! I love the name. She is a beautiful baby girl, always smiling.

  10. gamerjamer bro says:

    Awesome video love it:)

  11. D'Nae Lewis says:


  12. Brandon CourtEvan says:


  13. K Hood says:

    “My baby want a chicken box!” 😂

  14. Rosemarie Contreras says:

    Yay…I love the name 💝

  15. CupcakeLove says:

    #3 On Trending? Omgggg 💜. Congratulations guys!

  16. Kimble Lampkin says:

    #3 on trending!!!! I had to screenshot and share that, this is a momentous occasion for all of us!! Congrats 🎊🎉

  17. Butts 69 says:

    Who tf give their child a name at 1 years old

  18. Jasmine Simmons says:

    Y’all trending number 3 whoa!!!!!

  19. Amber Renee says:

    Wow that baby sure is happy and is all smiles!!! She’s adorable!! Can someone explain why she’s changing her name now because she’s 1 yrs old?? I’m confused. And this is really trending!! Give that baby a reality show lol!! Too cute!

  20. rashiboo89 says:

    Joy in french is JOIE…

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