Our 3 Different Curly Hair Routines

Our 3 Different Curly Hair Routines

Kinky, loose, wavy

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65 Responses

  1. Jasmine Heart says:

    Curly hair Don’t care ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💇🏽‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️

  2. Genesis 2662 says:

    Love y’all 💕I got curly hair too
    Notification squad🎉

  3. Mariam Sary says:

    Curly queens where are you ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  4. kapa random says:

    I have dead straight hair and I want curly hair, more like beachy hair

    • that's what she said says:

      kapa random don’t brush your hair, just dutch braid it when it’s wet and gently take them out once they are dry (I usually go to sleep with them and take them out in the morning)

    • Sophia Lamanuzzi says:

      kapa random Use not your mothers sea salt spray. it gives you loose curls to waves

    • Lucia Lopez says:

      kapa random Brush it before you braid it so you don’t have to brush it after you braid it. Also, to get really pretty curls you can do two rope twist braids and leave them in overnight! The next morning the curls turn out super pretty!😘❤

    • Mina V says:

      kapa random I don’t think it’s any different for curly hair. You can tell when curly hair is greasy and almost always looks tangled if you don’t take extra care of it

  5. Van Hendrix says:

    Number of people with curly hairs just spiked after this video

  6. Elaina Smith says:

    It’s cool to see how different these routines are.

  7. Brit Ferguson says:

    Nice to see the kinky curl at the front for once …she’s so beautiful 🙂

  8. Amber a says:

    These girls are so gorgeous 😍

  9. Ophelia Jackson says:

    Kinky and proud ♥

  10. alondra contreras says:

    For those wishing you had curly hair. It’s a lot of work. Like a lot 😂

    • Emily Michael says:

      alondra contreras amen🙏

    • Angels Makeup says:

      It’s just overall annoying, especially when you just wanna straighten it, takes FOREVER

    • Jae B says:

      My mother always had a full hair of thick, dark brown curls, like a mane, I don’t remember her ever doing anything special or time consuming and she only started complaining after her hair got straighter and thinner after menopause… my hair on the other hand is mostly super straight (exept for some random curls around my forehead lmao) and very thin and it get’s dry and frizzy af specially in winter but too much product makes it heavy and greasy because it’s so thin. Long story short: people are different, talk for yourself 🙂

    • Icespikey AJ says:

      lolz same dude i have curly hair and i just brush it while its wet for a second and then im gud

  11. DieAlteistwiederda says:

    I have bone straight hair and it’s so interesting to see what other people have to do to maintain their hair. I just have to wash it, almost never put any kind of conditioner in it, brush it out and let it dry. Takes about 1-1,5hours when I let it air dry and even less in the summer.

    • That's a bad idea says:

      What’s wrong with conditioner? Curly head here so i don’t understand lol

    • DieAlteistwiederda says:

      That’s a bad idea it often weights down our straight hair to much and can make it look like we put straight up butter in our hair. Straight hair isn’t usually as dry as curly hair and most conditioners are just too much for it. I tend to use a bit of leave in conditioner spray during the winter months and only put in some mild normal conditioner in the very tips of my hair and wash it out very good.

    • Natalee Denlinger says:

      DieAlteistwiederda I always envied people with hair like yours. I think it’s really pretty

    • sweetener is coming says:

      Cause ur white….

  12. Blaze says:

    I got 3 different hair routines too… Messy, I don’t care, and I’m trying to get laid tonight.

  13. Dancing pineapple says:

    I read it as “kinky gurl” 💀

  14. L 013 says:

    I have wavy/curly hair, and am still trying to figure out the best way to take care of it. Currently, I shampoo and condition it every 3 days or so, and either don’t wash it or just condition in-between. To style it, I use either a teatree oil mousturizer or an argsn oil spray. And every other week I use an olive oil hair mask. Still not sure if I’m using the right products :/

    • Esme R says:

      Sounds like I have similar hair, i shampoo and condition every other day, but in the days where i don’t i still shower and get my hair wet and do the exact same routine. After my showers I put one pump of Arian oil on the ends of my hair, and I do a side parting and I leave my hair for 30 mins, then I take my side fringe and twist it and pin it back, then I use bed head Tigi, on the rebound cream and scrunch that up in the rest of my hair to define some curls, then I let it air dry for an hour or two , take it out (I’m in my second lesson at school when I take it out) and I have a few ringlets, and some waves. (This really isn’t as complicated as it seems) it only takes like 10 mins

    • AliceDieNvM says:

      silk pillowcases or silk hair wraps! silk is way softer for your curls and keeps the frizz at a minimum because there’s less friction than cotton.
      and try a high ponytail instead of a bun, the curls don’t get compressed that way and won’t be stuck under your head while sleeping. hope this helps 🙂

    • Courtney says:

      also try using scrunchies. they’re a game changer for me. just buy a cute pack at walmart and your good to go. they don’t slip out and i put my hair in ponytails and messy buns with them all the time. they don’t hurt or damage your hair and it’s amazing. the other day i used a regular hair tie after using scrunchies for so long and it hurt my head SO bad when i took it out at the end of the day
      i let my hair rest down over night and i woke up and it didn’t really hurt but i showered and then when it was all dry i threw it up with a scrunchy and it didn’t hurt at all.

    • Isabel González Fuentefría says:

      Amy Ashford I use a hair clip (I belive they are called this way) and Its super easy and it doesn’t damage your hair at all. I also use the “pineapple” to sleep. Basically I put my hair inside a cotton bag, this prevents a lot of breakage 💖 hope this works for you

  15. Lauren Johnson says:

    Woah I had no idea what it takes to maintain curly hair. PROPS TO YOU BEAUTIES

    • Icespikey AJ says:

      lol normal people don’t take 2 hours to style their hair, its literally insane, i have rlly defined curly hair and all i do is swash it normally and brush it while its still wet after i get out of the shower, really not difficult and you literally get the same result lolz, but i understand taking a little bit longer for the kinky curls

    • Jen Martinez says:

      None of your bisssness lmao 😂 I had the same thing happen to me a couple of days ago and I just said fudge it and went to cut it a bit above my shoulder (my hair was waist length as well)

    • Elsie Raw says:

      I have wavy hair.

    • emmie doe says:

      Keah Lanerds i used to hate my curly hair and straighten it every day. i’ve learned to embrace it and now i loveeeeee my curly hair. i straighten it maybe like once every couple of months now. i’m still trying to figure out how to get the best , defined curls tho.

  16. Ariana G says:

    My curly hair routine takes a whole 2 hours naturals you know what I’m talking about 😏😶😂😂😂😂#thenaturalstruggles

    • InvisibleRen says:


      Did she just say “normal curls?” 😒

      Hope she just quickly apologizes and doesn’t try to defend that marginalizing comment. Just because were not white doesn’t mean our curls are less normal than yours. White is not the default.

    • Valese Jones says:

      3.5-5 hours

    • Temi Christine says:

      Icespikey AJ They said “naturals know what I’m taking about”
      By your comment, you must not know what that means especially since your hair is different and not natural.

      (By natural I’m referring to the “natural hair journey”)

    • Alyssa Vigil says:

      My curly hair routine take like 30 minutes, am I doing something wrong?😂

  17. The Hamster Army! says:

    My hair routine is 3 days. 2 hours in the shower. After I start it then go to sleep. Next day I day one half of my hair and I hope I finish that. The next day I do the other half, and *hope I finish…*

  18. The Hamster Army! says:

    *A glob?!?!* I use the whole product!

  19. The Hamster Army! says:

    *I use my nails* Hair specialist women cringe and panic O-O

  20. itsdaaria says:

    kinky curly girls (and guys) UNITE ❤❤✊🏾

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