Our Alligator Gets a New Toy!

Our Alligator Gets a New Toy!

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Crocodilians are smart. Sometimes too smart for their own good. Because of this, enrichment opportunities are essential for their mental well-being. In this video we introduce Rexy (our alligator) to a brand new toy and her reaction is priceless!

Music by Bensound and YouTube creator studio library used under the creative commons license.

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74 Responses

  1. lorin says:

    awwww she’s so beautiful! i love her SO much, videos on her are like my favourite :’))

  2. Amanda nuss says:

    Love you Emily and your videos. I don’t have a snake and i have watched every one of your videos

  3. Allen Jay says:

    2:01 should have given her a gold star

  4. Allen Jay says:

    You should feed a rope through the hole and tie a knot at both ends so she can use it like a handle to swing around

    • Dynamic War says:

      Snake Discovery show us a video of it please!

    • hue manatee says:

      Snake Discovery You say that now but wait until you discover the furious carnage Rexie will leave behind with a fun sized morning star 🐊

    • Rin says:

      It seems like a bad idea to give an alligator a flail.

    • Allen Jay says:

      I mean I thought about how it could make more destruction turning it into a flailing toy but I doubt shes got the neck power to put an enormous ping pong ball through the wall

    • Snake Discovery says:

      I don’t think a rope will result in house damage- she’ll just barrel roll it and splash some water around. Worth it! Off to go buy some rope today 😀
      See this is why you commenters are so awesome!

  5. Lulexiaa says:

    I can just watch Rex videos all day… PLEASE MAKE MORE REX VIDEOS! WE LOVE HER!!!

  6. Allen Jay says:

    Most of your animals are noodles.
    *But Rex is a dumpling.*

    • Barbara Ann says:

      Aииα gay gay told Allen to stop commenting and then called him what ironbeats put down…I don’t wanna repeat that part.

    • dino gaming roblox and minecraft and more! says:

      +ElfWarriorTariRupel you know why your not young because your old your gonna die before me

    • AReallyDumbCommenter says:

      Bingobear96 Can I get a refresher on the law that permits only one comment per vid? I don’t recall that in the YouTube Guidelines.

    • AReallyDumbCommenter says:

      dino gaming roblox and minecraft and more! Can’t understand you but it looks as if you’re ridiculing Elf.

    • Allen Jay says:

      The reason I comment so much on videos is I LOVE making people happy/laugh and I know when I read comments on MY videos that are positive it makes my day so I’m sure Emily and Ed love reading my nice/derpy comments some people just dont understand that. But that’s ok. I beleive you get back whatever you put out into the universe so I’ll stay positive and happy and whoever wrote that comment will get negativity back to them. 🙂

  7. Izzy says:

    Rex looks so happy with her new toy! This made my day.

  8. Lulexiaa says:

    I would watch a 10 hr video of Rex playing with the giant lemon if you made it

  9. YourPalQWERTY says:

    Man that buoy is one TuffBuoy

  10. Darcy Herrin says:

    I would consider putting a rope through the holes and tie knots on either end with a bit of extra hanging off for her to have more interaction with it! 🙂 It will give her more to grab onto.

  11. Smiler Vlogs and Stuff says:

    Rexie looks adorable and she’s probably gonna love it, btw I think you should start calling her Rexie like the T-Rex from Jurassic Park

    • AReallyDumbCommenter says:

      PikachuJenn Not related to my comment but interesting info.

    • Smiler Vlogs and Stuff says:

      AdeptLen What’s the difference between genders and sexes?

    • John Doe says:

      +AdeptLen uhm… Sex is the same as gender.

    • John Doe says:

      +Smiler Vlogs and Stuff There is none, sjws are trying to claim there is but for all of human history sex and gender were the same then all of a sudden everybody has it wrong?

      If you want to invent your own word then by all means but gender is sex.

    • furryriel says:

      John Doe gender is a social contruct. animals do not have genders they have sexes (m and f). humans are different. we have genders. gender roles, presentation, etc. it’s not a “sjw” thing, the concept of 2 sexes = 2 gender is a very western worldview and other genders have exisred in other cultures for ages

  12. B W says:

    Woah I only just noticed the lizards at 0:43

  13. Maygun Vagabond says:

    I’d love to see a Rex playtime video! I know it’s probably hard to capture her playing around, but maybe, just maybe, you could set up a camera to record her for a while and show us some highlights of her playing! And then explain her behavior!

  14. Sebastian Girstl says:

    Rex has never looked more confused and happy. LOL

  15. NPC #7048164 says:

    Big anger danger noodle doin an hecc at big lemon.

  16. Robert Fletcher says:

    That is such an appropriate toy. It is very tough and would suit many big animals. I think tigers would love to chase one around. Thanks for another great video and thank you Rex such a good girl.

    • KazukiriMishamiota says:

      I think tying a very tough piece of rope through it would make it even better for a tiger. They could pick it up and toss it and then chase it down.

  17. Jeremy's Wild Studio says:

    That’s amazing. So gators need toys huh? Who knew.

  18. Stan Mack says:

    3:37 He had  the biggest smile ever! That tooth brushing really works!

  19. toucan says:

    I have birds and you definitely need to keep them occupied or they can die or just become the biggest pain in the necks 😬

  20. Tami Toohey says:

    Rex was smiling!!! How cute is that!!?!?! 💖 💕

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