Sup dudes and dudettes,

This is everything I did for my 21st birthday weekend.
Thank you all for the love. I’m grateful, happy and excited to see what another year of life has to bring.

hugs and kisses,

Jennelle and Alfredo.


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29 Responses

  1. MurderMan OTP says:

    i wish you where my big sister Jennelle

    edit: also happy birthday :)))

  2. Natalie E says:

    gonna go back and rewatch every video so you can make that ad $$$

  3. Morgan Harris says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m so glad you are in a happy place now and can enjoy life :))))

  4. Nataly Garcia says:

    Ugg i love how pure she is. My heart.

  5. A Loody says:

    When I watched your first video, I realized that living in a van _is_ a thing and it sounds so cool and fun! I want to so the same thing when I’m old enough ?

  6. AMW N&J says:

    Why when you were Expressing your feelings I wanted to randomly yell from a crowd WE LOVE YOU ? JENNELLE ?? and awkwardly start clapping

  7. Alanna So drippy says:

    This is how many ppl wish u happy birthday ???

  8. The Baggett Family says:

    I love how she spent both bdays crying but her 21 bday she spent it crying of happiness ❤️

  9. Deb Does Readings says:

    You are absolutely beautiful both inside and out. Happy for you and ur accomplishments. Stay positive and keep manifesting ur spirit guide will continue to guide you along ur path in life. Extremely happy for you ♥️ happy birthday to you and ur snake ?

  10. victoria marileo says:

    Girl you’re giving us THAT vibes like seriously you are so inspiring and cute and sweet and im so glad that you are going for YouTube as a job cause your content is really the best I love seeing you living your best life and being happy I send you the best vibes and hope you keep being happy and free

  11. saucey says:

    You really inspired me to reach my goals like you and be persistent in everything! Also ~Happy~Birthday~ To u and Alfredo!

  12. Runako Phiri says:

    She’s like the only YouTuber I actually want to watch and the only YouTuber I find interesting

  13. Louis Lark says:

    Happy ? Birthday. You seem to have a phenomenal birthday celebration events. May all your dreams and aspirations come true.

  14. Kaitlyn Diaz says:


  15. Multicuenta Para música y memes says:

    My favorite Youtuber going to my country.. Argentina?! ? (Sorry for bad English)

  16. Elliott Moose says:

    not a soul:
    noBodY eVER:
    jennelle: dangles from the roof

  17. Nuni’s travels says:

    It’s all happening so quickly so it can be a bit overwhelming but you’re doing great! A good cry is always relaxing.

  18. Cathy Agyemang says:

    Jennelle is probably the only Youtuber that I would be willing watch ads for ✨?? make that coin girl

  19. Callie Rose says:

    *Jennelle’s 20th birthday:* cried sad tears
    *Jennelle’s 21st birthday:* crys happy tears

  20. Sonia's Way says:

    Girl, you might not know but you are giving life goals to so many people including me. Love your vibes ?

    Btw I sort of make videos too, but don’t know where I’m going

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