Our Break Up

Our Break Up

First, let me say I am aware that this may not be the most appropriate time to posting this video. With everything going on right now I do not wish to come across as insensitive, by airing out my personal issues. But this has been taking a huge toll on me emotionally and I know I owe answers to all you, who having been asking questions. I feel I need to be honest and I hope everyone can understand.

I apologize for being so emotional. I might regret revealing my vulnerability. I did want to be strong, but understandably my emotions kept getting in the way. I also filmed this video when the situation was very fresh. I refrained from releasing it at the time as the world had, and continues to have, far more important and pressing issues to connect with. I will continue to stand up for what is right and just. I can’t however, continue this way, when we’ve both moved on and knowing many of you have noticed something isn’t right.

I think anyone going through anything similar should know that doing things for yourself and moving forward with your truth will make you feel strong and empowered. Even though in the moment it can be very difficult, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

I know there’s a lot of young girls who look up to me, and our relationship. But not everything you see online is as perfect as it seems. Harry and I are guilty of portraying it as such and I am very sorry for that.

I want to tell all of you, never let anyone treat you poorly, in any situation. You are all amazing and you all deserve the WORLD.
Always stand by people you love, but not if it comes at the expense of your own happiness. Don’t settle for anything less then amazing. Continue to be kind & do good.

As heart breaking as this is for me to post, especially considering the circumstances, I really need to start moving forward with my life.

If it comes down to me having to release more of the truth I will when the time is right.

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53 Responses

  1. Rehana Ingham says:

    I knew he wasn’t right for you when he lied in too hot to handle about the kiss 😢

  2. Fleur Van hout says:

    Honey don’t apologize for being a human being. It’s normal that you’re emotional right now. And please cry, it really helps. Breakups are the worst. Me and my ex boyfriend broke up a month ago so I totally feel you. But what I’ve learned from it it’s that I first needed to work on myself and go on my own journey. You first need to love and appreciate every little thing about yourself before you can love someone else. You are a wonderful person and I wish you al the luck and happiness you deserve. Love ya💗💋

    • Elita A says:

      This is the only mature, sensitive and productive comment I read here for Francesca. I hope she read it, and take your wise advice.

    • R B says:

      I’m 17 and honestly I don’t think I’m ready for love because I can’t even love myself yet and I know I need to focus on myself, my health and well-being and my future before anything else right now.

    • R B says:

      thank you for your comment because its nice knowing other people have felt this too🥺

  3. danielle anani says:

    IM SO ANGRY AT HARRY , your such a sweet person , and tbh so many people thought you were a fake b on the show but from the beggining i could tell you a real person , harry doesn’t deserve someone who is as dedicated as you im sure you put so much time and effort to see him and try and make things work at the end of the day your the bigger person for actually making this video and adressing it properly . he cheated on you so dont bother trying to get back with him he doesn’t deserve you girl and once a cheater always a cheater love youu.

  4. Fila Kotekova says:

    He acted like a silly 15 years old teenager full of himself from the begining of the show. Just showing off, lying, laughing, I never understood how come everyone loved him so much. He needs to grow up and take responsibility for his own shit.

  5. arnaaz ___ says:

    dont cry girl, everything happens for a reason, theres someone out there who loves you like you will love them.

  6. Juliana Ives says:

    I’m so so sorry, i didn’t trust him from when he lied to the whole group he was fake and used you for clout also ive seen much better looking boys im sure you will move on to a better guy inside and out love u x

  7. Tanya says:

    You know for a while I could see he was all for fame, and CLOUT! And I could see you we’re more in for the love. You could see it in the YouTube videos. And the fact that you guys met each other’s parents and families. He is so immature and he will hit his head (figuratively) and realize what he lost. They always do. And by then you’ll have your real Prince Charming. We love you! Keep your head, your crown is slipping queen 👑 ❤️

  8. Idk_7 ayy says:

    harry only proposed for the clout. Don’t worry queen he don’t deserve u

  9. Amy says:

    Honestly, I am so sad for you, Francesca, but you deserve better. He lost such a beautiful human being ❤️ You are so pretty and your personality is amazing. Love that you are so grownup and mature !

  10. Amora Isonguyo says:

    She should’ve noticed the very first red flag when he accused her of kissing him first on Too Hot To Handle

  11. Kena Njenga says:

    Frankie, he’s a child. You’re a woman. You’ll do great.

    • Georgia O’Connor says:

      E D no I don’t care what people do with their bodies but if you’re in a relationship I wouldn’t like it if my gf did that it’s not attractive man, I want to be the only person to see them uno? I don’t hate shame people for what they do with their body but uno that’s my opinion

    • Jango says:

      wtf only cuz he doesnt want a shitty long distance relationship he’s not a child it was the right and only his decision.

    • Du_Scrollst says:

      @Herr Edelweiß bist du auch deutsch?


      @Georgia O’Connor The thing with that is that she’s not your girlfriend, she can do anything she wants and maybe Harry was good with it. Stop saying things about what you don’t know, and I know I don’t know either but just stop saying those kind of things.

    • Davey says:

      Georgia O’Connor your right. As a wise man called future once said ‘she belongs to the streets’

  12. Mariana Miranda says:

    if he thought that way and didn’t even tried to work things out, u got a tattoo together and u were saying that u guys were gonna get married.
    It’s her lost, he doesn’t deserve u if he thinks that way u are gonna find someone that makes u happy and will fight for u until the end.
    I don’t know how he is cause i only saw him in the show but he is young and still doesn’t realize stuff and idk but to me it feels that he was only with Francesca for clout and her body. It’s my opinion. U can’t say to someone that u are gonna be w her for the rest of the live and that they are gonna get married.
    Sad that she feels like she haves to apologize, she did nothing wrong she trusted a guy , who just can’t be trusted and it happens but u will come out stronger and fit the perfect guy. We live u and we are here for u

  13. Zee says:

    He doesn’t know what he’s missing out on he lost a true slayer there (smh) here for you babe<3

  14. Liliana Sevcuka says:

    Girl, hes gonna regret it so much, you’re such a stunning girl and so strong. You deserve much more!

  15. Candie Rose says:

    Growing up and living in LA, I have seen many people come here and get “distracted”. It seems like that happened to Harry and the way he was treating your relationship. You know your heart and how much you tried to make it work. Guarantee you will thrive after this breakup. ♥️♥️

  16. Aanshi Sabharwal says:

    and the fact that they got matching tattoos

  17. Kop Juice says:

    Didn’t he say that he will move in with you? You’re not worth him. He’s a boy and you’re a woman

  18. Uniq Cynthia says:

    From the moment Harry lied about you kissing him first, i knew he was definitely the wrong choice

  19. Eva Marie says:

    lana wouldn’t be proud of harry rn.

  20. brylei vincent says:

    “dont cry girl” “dont cry over him” shes human, and she just got her heart broken. she can cry and let it out. its not healthy to keep it in.

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