Our Car Got Hit in a CRASH! 必

Our Car Got Hit in a CRASH! 必

Our Car Got Hit in a CRASH! Anazala Family

Our bestfriend Ronan hit our car today and my daughter and family reactions were unexpected, sad and emotional! Love you all 歹

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Thanks to the boys: Moktar Larbi, Liam Dipple, Hisham Shahwan, John Abbot, Ronan Walters, & David Gudani for all your work!

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32 Responses

  1. 潃儭Giveaway On My Profile says:

    The car can be fixed. Im just glad that thankfully your family and ronan are okay. Safety is number 1! I hope you guys mentally recover from the accident quickly. Thank god you are all safe!

  2. ItzEmily! says:

    I feel so bad, its fine ronan everyone does accidents and its not your fault and I really appreciate how Anas is just trying to be chill and calming him down like you guys are amazing actually

  3. 潃儭Free Robux On My Profile says:

    AAAAaaa Hi Ronan, If you are reading this, please know that it’s all going to be ok, I was also in an accident and I was so shook and I was so thankful my Dad and bro came to the scene, things could of been so much more worse! Dnt beat yourself up about it please know that we love this family and we think you’re a part of the family tooooooo! We care, Thank you for letting us to see this! This is the reason why I love this family. We all have up and downs and this family is so so so genuine and letting us see this part of life if I put it that way. So I am keeping the family and you in my prayers and WOW thank God for his protection on this family!

  4. Sabeeqa says:

    I’m so sorry that this has happened. Thank goodness you all are safe.

  5. Akanes life says:

    Im glad Ronan and the family is alright

  6. JulesPlaysRoblox says:

    Mila is starting to talk older now but shes still adorable!

  7. Trisha Gandhi says:

    Mila and Noah are so cute, anas is a comedy guy and asala is the best at singing

  8. Ms Army says:

    The kids are so cuuuuute and I feel bad for ronan

  9. 磣鉏T矷o矷k矷u矷k矷o矷磣 says:

    Asalas singing voice is so good i love it mila and noah gives me cuteness overload

  10. jisa joseph says:

    Glad that Ronan is safe

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