Our First Date

Our First Date

Here’s an animation short of our First Date! We are excited to hear what you all think so it so leave a comment below! Also, what would you like to see animated next? Thanks for watching!

Animated by Kevin M!

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37 Responses

  1. Jennifer Nguyen says:

    Ey look at that, you’re trending! Not a surprise ☺️

  2. Mareya Bynum says:

    If I went to that same kind of movies, I would watch Notice Me Senpai.

  3. Jennifer Nguyen says:

    2:36 Tiffy you’re so fricking ADORABLE

  4. kitten has a profile says:

    i stopped it at 0:40 and i laughed to death

  5. Babe N Brooklyn says:

    Awwww #CoupleGoals

  6. Naimah Frazier says:

    Omg #28 on trending?!? Congrats!

    Edit: omg thanks for the hearts ilysm!

  7. lps raven says:

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤love it

  8. Frosty Cakes says:

    THIS MIGHT BE MY FAVORITE THING ON EARTH!!! Love u cupquake! So cute AND funny!

  9. Lol Bit says:

    That was adorable! 😀

  10. Sammay Channel says:

    When he fell out that car tho

  11. Willeekmer says:

    This was sooooo cute! OMG cuteness overload. I can’t! <333
    I had a smile on my face the ENTIRE TIME! <3

  12. Rowyn Oak says:


  13. Septic Less says:

    Congrats on being on Trending!

  14. WNW 14 says:

    3:23 to 3:44 cupquake being sassy 😂😂 #sassycupquake

  15. Just Me says:

    Omg more more more more

  16. cordelia K. says:

    Can you get any cuter?

  17. mariel ivana says:

    When they said we met online I was not expecting myspace lol

  18. Willow_ Rain says:

    OMG this Is weird sweet funny and cute together!!!!!

  19. BabyGuggy says:

    All of the stories about your guy’s romance are the best. It proves that love is real and can be found anywhere.

  20. AlittleYorkie says:

    THIS IS SO CUTE squeee☺️💗

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