Our FIRST Game of the New Season! Legends Franchise Ep. #1

Our FIRST Game of the New Season! Legends Franchise Ep. #1

here it is boys, the long awaited legends franchise baby!!! we got some madden 23 franchise to cook up these next coupled months so buckle in..


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24 Responses

  1. Logan says:

    He’s so focused on checking down to Bo he’s missing wide open receivers on majority of plays

  2. Swattness says:

    Bo jackson casually broke the fantasy points record putting up 74 points in his first game

  3. Joseph Plucker says:

    Would love to see some read option/triple option stuff with Jalen Hurts, could be fun especially after seeing WOM. Keep dropping fire content bro

  4. Luchador 04 says:

    Let’s gooooo so excited for the first game of the season!!!

  5. Ionboy2 says:

    “Athletic josh Allen,” will never not kill me lol

  6. Josh says:

    How’d you have a better draft without the legends 😭

  7. Bill Nye says:

    You can already tell that this whole franchise is going to just be Bo Jackson gameplay

  8. Jonny A says:

    Can’t believe I just witnessed Bo Jackson drop 74 fantasy points in week 1 of the season.

  9. Avery Rumberger says:

    This series is gonna be awesome! Thank you papa! ❤

  10. Thomas Waldron says:

    MMG hope you see this.. long time fan and it’s your world and us viewers are living in it but it would be cool to watch you play real football I guess instead of just giving it to BO the whole time

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