Our FIRST LOOK At Fortnite SEASON 2!

Our FIRST LOOK At Fortnite SEASON 2!

Our FIRST LOOK At Fortnite SEASON 2!
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Video Sources
Lurcin https://youtu.be/uIA-fYXZCUw?t=35
12th hour https://www.youtube.com/@12th/videos
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Flakes Power https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1qCiaveo8E
Hey Stani https://twitter.com/HeyStani/
Tabor Hill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=576nd2e8Oak

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28 Responses

  1. Who Ever says:

    I have a feeling lootimals will just be different pinata animals, kind of like the llama. The Llama has been the only pinata animal we have seen thus far and it would be cool to see other pinata looking animals. Maybe they will each drop different things, like llamas dropping mats and maybe wolves or lions dropping weapons like guns?

  2. StitchNPugs says:

    As useful as the NPC thing sounds, I hope you can make it stop for a while. Like what if you’re trying to sneak up on an enemy and your bot just chug splashes you in the middle of it💀

  3. popdude 731 says:

    I honestly am hoping for some more Mando stuff myself.
    Maybe he gets enough of an armor change to warrant a new skin, I wasn’t playing the game when the original was out, and would love to get my hands on him somehow

  4. Mr Cow says:

    7:40 the crazy thing is sand tunneling was there longer than hurdling

  5. RisingMiles says:

    0:33 Ghost of Tsushima would make a great collab if they’re going with samurai

  6. Rosann Collins Rankin says:

    Can’t wait for next season!!! It will be so amazing!!!

  7. MarkyMark7 says:

    Don’t worry Tommy, I want a Mandalorian collab part 2 just as bad as you! You aren’t alone!!! 😂

  8. Elias Gonzalez says:

    I always look forward to the notification that you posted on YouTube T5g, thanks for more Awesome content ☺️

  9. Aleck says:

    People want og shotguns like the pump, tac etc. They could just make an augment thats called OG or Old Shotguns, that when u select it you can choose between a pump or a tac or that its 50/50, I mean that theres a 50% chance of either dropping the pump and the tac. I personally think they could give it in blue-epic rarity or it could be rng based, it could also upgrade with kills or gold.

  10. Austin The Ultimate Gaming Kid says:

    Next season is definitely going to be amazing🎉

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